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Emanuel Starý (1843-1906) started this firm in Prague in 1867. It published a wide range of music, from dances to violin concertos. In the period 1867 to 1900 the catalogue included Komzák, Sporck, Emilian Starý (1876-1934), and Ottokar Nováček. After 1900 it published works by composers of the new generation such as Jan Kubelík.

They were the first publishers of a number of Dvořák's earlier works. (See e.g. description of Dvořák Op.19a at Antonin-Dvorak.cz.)

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  • E.Starý


  • Prague

Plate Numbers

Plate Composer Work Year
0503 Blodek V studni (vocal score) 1867?
5379–5380? Dvořák 2 Minuets, Op.28 1879
Dvořák Songs from the Dvůr Králové Manuscript, Op.7 1873
Dvořák String Quartet No.7, Op.16 (parts) 1875
Dvořák Moravian Duets, Op.32 1876
Dvořák Scottish Dances, Op.41 1879
Dvořák Festival March, B.88 (Op.54A) 1879
Dvořák Polka for Prague Students, B.114 (Op.53A) 1882
Dvořák Ave Maria, B.68 (Op.19b/1) 1883
Dvořák Dimitrij, Op.64 (vocal score) 1886

Authority Control

  • VIAF (Starý, Emanuel, 1843-1906)