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Emanuel Starý (1843-1906) started this firm in Prague in 1867. It published a wide range of music, from dances to violin concertos. In the period 1867 to 1900 the catalogue included Komzák, Sporck, Emilian Starý (1876-1934), and Ottokar Nováček. After 1900 it published works by composers of the new generation such as Jan Kubelík.

They were the first publishers of a number of Dvořák's earlier works. (See e.g. description of Dvořák Op.19a at Antonin-Dvorak.cz.)

Imprints, Addresses, Agencies


  • E.Starý


  • Prague

Plate Numbers

Plate Composer Work Year
Dvořák Songs from the Dvůr Králové Manuscript, Op.7 1873
Dvořák String Quartet No.7, Op.16 1875
Dvořák Moravian Duets, Op.32 1876
5379–5380? Dvořák 2 Minuets, Op.28 1879
Dvořák Scottish Dances, Op.41 1879
Dvořák Festival March, B.88 , Op.54A 1879
Dvořák Polka for Prague Students, B.114 , Op.53A 1882
Dvořák Ave Maria, B.68 , Op.19b/1 1883
Dvořák Dimitrij, Op.64 (vocal score) 1886

Authority Control

  • VIAF (Starý, Emanuel, 1843-1906)