Excell's Anthems (Excell, Edwin Othello)

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Editor E. O. Excell
Publisher. Info. Chicago: E.O. Excell, 1886.
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Arranger Edwin Othello Excell (1851-1921)
Publisher. Info. Chicago: E. O. Excell, 1888.
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Arranger Edwin Othello Excell (1851-1921)
Publisher. Info. Chicago: E. O. Excell, 1890.
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Editor Edwin Othello Excell (1851-1921)
Publisher. Info. Chicago: E. O. Excell, 1893.
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General Information

Work Title Excell's Anthems for the Choir; consisting of Solos, Duets, Trios, Quartettes, Choruses, etc. etc. Written by a large list of able composers
Alternative. Title
Composer Excell, Edwin Othello
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Movements/SectionsMov'ts/Sec's 6 Volumes
  • Excell's Anthems, Volume 1 (1886)
  1. Excell: I will sing [text: Pslam 89]
  2. Henry A. Lewis: Bless the Lord
  3. T.C. O'Kane: God of my salvation (O thou God of my salvation) [text: Thomas Olivers]
  4. Excell: Wait upon the Lord (They wait upon the Lord)
  5. S.L. Condé: Prayer of the wanderer (Savior, I am weary) [text: Ellen Oliver]
  6. Excell: Rock of ages
  7. Thomas: All hail [arr. by E.O. Excell]
  8. Henry A. Lewis: How beautiful upon the mountain
  9. Excell: Fear thou not
  10. Root: It is Jesus (At early morn) [text: H. Butterworth]
  11. Excell: He shall feed his flock
  12. Excell: Jesus, lover of my soul [text: Charles Wesley]
  13. Henry A. Lewis: Peace on earth
  14. Kirkpatrick: Sweet Sabbath eve [text: Fanny J. Crosby]
  15. Jonathan E. Hall: I will bless the Lord
  16. Henry A. Lewis: O that my sin were gone (O that my load of sin were gone)
  17. S.L. Condé: Savior, breathe a blessing (Savior, breathe an evening blessing)
  18. Jonathan E. Hall: Praise the Lord
  19. M.H. Evans: Sleep thy last sleep
  20. E.T. O'Kane: Holy Redeemer
  21. Jonathan E. Hall: Sweet the moments
  22. C.E. Leslie: That beautiful golden gate (There is a city made by God)
  23. Himmel: Incline thy ear to me
  24. Sweney: Am I a soldier
  25. Ogden: Oh how lovely
  26. Excell: In heavenly love abiding
  27. Kinkel: Lord of the worlds above
  28. Henry A. Lewis: The beacon light (Where art thou steering brother)
  29. Excell: Nearer, my God, to Thee [arr. by Excell]
  30. Excell: The True Easter (Ring on, ring on, ye bells) [text: Mrs. E.C. Ellsworth]
  31. Root: Sing Hosanna
  32. Excell: Let him in (There's a stranger at the door) [text: Rev. J.B. Atchinson]
  33. Ogden: Put me in remembrance (I, even I, am he)
  34. Excell: Praise waiteth for thee
  35. Excell: Ashamed of Jesus (Jesus, and shall it ever be) [text: Joseph Griggs]
  36. Henry A. Lewis: Sing Jehovah's praises (All ye nations, sing Jehovah's praises)
  37. Jonathan E. Hall: Softly now the light of day
  38. James M. Dungan: Save me, O God
  39. Henry A. Lewis: Come unto me
  40. Henry A. Lewis: O come, let us sing
  41. Alfred Beirly: Be telling of his salvation (Praise ye the Lord)
  42. Danks: Ponder my words, O Lord [text: Pslam V]
  43. Excell: I heard the voice of Jesus say
  44. H.W. Fairbank: Hear our prayer (Lamb of God)
  45. Danks: Gently, Lord, O gently lead us [arr. & adapted by H.P. Danks]
  46. Gounod: Nazareth (Though poor be the chamber) [arr. by Excell?]
  47. Davis: Lift up your heads, oh ye gates
  48. Excell: The Lord's prayer (Our Father who art in heaven)

  • Excell's Anthems, Volume 2 (1888)
  1. Excell: Consider the lilies
  2. Alfred Beirly: Savior, source of ev'ry blessing
  3. Sweney: Nearer, my God, to thee
  4. Henry A. Lewis: Gracious Spirit, love divine
  5. Excell: Wake the song of jubilee
  6. Ogden: Lift up your heads, O ye gates
  7. James M. Dungan: I was glad
  8. Danks: Praise the Lord, O Jerusalem
  9. Jonathan E. Hall: Sun of my soul
  10. D.O. McAllister: I will lift up mine eyes
  11. Davis: As panteth the hart (As the hart panteth)
  12. Clara H. Scott: The Lord is merciful
  13. Abt: He giveth his beloved sleep (Sorrow and care may meet) [text: Tildesley] [qt arr. by H.P. Danks]
  14. Excell: Jesus, lover of my soul
  15. Handel: Angels, ever bright and fair [arr. by E.O. Excell]
  16. Alfred Beirly: O God, my heart is fixed
  17. Clara H. Scott: Trust in the Lord and do good
  18. E.T. O'Kane: I will praise thee [son of T.C. O'Kane]
  19. H.W. Fairbanks: O be joyful in the Lord
  20. Ryder: Departed friends (Weep no more for friends departed)
  21. Clara H. Scott: Praise ye the Lord
  22. Fortescue Harrison: Come, thou fount [arr. by E.O. Excell]
  23. Whittington: The nations who are saved (And the city had no need of the sun) [arr. by W.A. Ogden]
  24. Danks: Glory to God in the highest (Blessed be the Lord)
  25. Excell: I will extol thee
  26. Alfred Beirly: There is a fountain fill'd with blood
  27. Mackenzie: Hearken, O Lord [arr. by W.A. Ogden]
  28. Alfred Beirly: Come, Holy Spirit
  29. Sweney: O praise the Lord
  30. S. Wilder: From every stormy wind that blows
  31. Farmer: Remember (Remember thy tender mercies)
  32. Anonymous: Give alms of thy goods [quartet arr. by A.B. (Albert Beirly?)]
  33. Excell: Evening hymn (The day is past and over)
  34. Alfred Beirly: O Paradise, O Paradise!

  • Excell's Anthems, Volume 3 (1890)
  1. Excell: Come, thou fount
  2. E.H. Packard: Consider the lilies
  3. J. Firth: Comfort ye my people
  4. Jonathan E. Hall: Now to the Lord
  5. Gabriel: Lovely Zion (O how lovely is Zion)
  6. E.H. Packard: The Lord is my shepherd
  7. Sweney: E.O. Excell (A charge to keep I have) [text: Charles Wesley]
  8. Henry A. Lewis: Make a joyful noise
  9. Sweney: Happy Day (O happy day) [text: Phillip Doddridge]
  10. Clarence D. Rose: Hear us, O Father [text: Fannie Burleigh Barnes]
  11. Excell: Come unto me
  12. E.H. Packard: I will lift up mine eyes
  13. Danks: O, come, let us sing
  14. Henry A. Lewis: Who shall ascend?
  15. Excell: Just as I am [text: Charlotte Elliott]
  16. Lizzie Voss Allen: Depth of Mercy [text: Charles Wesley]
  17. Danks: Not ashamed of Christ [text: Joseph Griggs]
  18. J. Firth: Blessed be the Lord God
  19. Gabriel: Hallelujah to the King
  20. J.P. Vance: Great is the Lord
  21. Excell: Sleep, my little one, sleep [Text: Miss A. Bensel, arr.]
  22. E.H. Packard: Oh, be joyful in the Lord
  23. Davis: God, be merciful
  24. James M. Dungan: In the secret of His presence [text: E.L. Goreh]
  25. Arthur Nelson: Guide me, O thou great Jehovah
  26. Fred L. Morey: Sleep, sweetly sleep
  27. George W. Barber: I was glad
  28. Lachur: My faith looks up to Thee [arr. by Excell?]
  29. J.P. Vance: I will cry unto the God
  30. Gabriel: Blessed are they
  31. E.H. Packard: Cast thy bread
  32. J. Firth: I'll wash my hands in innocency [text: from Psalm 26]
  33. Towne: Hark! the herald angels sing
  34. Danks: I will praise Thee with my
  35. Charles Edward Prior: Praise ye the Lord
  36. Gabriel: Search me, O God (O Lord, Thou hast searched me)
  37. Jonathan E. Hall: Love divine
  38. Fred L. Morey: Gently, Lord, O gently lead us
  39. E.H. Packard: Praise the Lord
  40. Charles Edward Prior: Lord, I cry unto Thee
  41. J.P. Vance: God, be merciful
  42. Jonathan E. Hall: I heard the voice of Jesus say
  43. Gabriel: The work of His hands (In the beginning)
  44. Fred L. Morey: One sweetly solemn thought [text: Carey]
  45. Towne: Oh happy day [text: Phillip Doddridge]
  46. Excell: Rock of Ages [text: A.M. Toplady] [arr. by E.O. Excell]
  47. Rest at Home [text: W.C. Wilbor] [to be sung to the music of the previous piece]
  48. M.H. Evans: Great is the Lord
  49. E.H. Packard: Great is the Lord
  50. J.P. Vance: Praise the Lord, O my soul
  51. Excell: O, wondrous cross [text: Isaac Watts]
  52. Bristow: Haven of life (Jesus, lover of my soul) [on a theme from Meyer Helmund]
  53. Sullivan: Rock of Ages [arr. by W.A. Ogden]
  54. Towne: My faith looks up to Thee [text: Ray Palmer]
  55. Gabriel: How excellent
  56. J.P. Vance: Fade, fade each earthly joy [text: Mrs. H. Bonar]
  57. Thompson: The sinner and the song (A sinner was wand'ring)
  58. Sweney: Crown Him (All hail the power of Jesus' name)
  59. J.P. Vance: Savior, breath an evening blessing [text: Jas. Edmeston]
  60. Frank J. Robertson, Jr: Behold, I stand at the door and knock

  • Excell's Anthems, Volume 4 (1893)
  1. Excell: O for a thousand tongues [text: Charles Wesley]
  2. Ashford: He leadeth me
  3. Danks: Softly now the light of day
  4. Excell: Why not to-day? (You think the house of prayer) [text: J.E. Rankin]
  5. Gabriel: The Lord is risen indeed
  6. Towne: Guide me, O thou great Jehovah
  7. Ashford: I will extol thee (Praise the Lord)
  8. Gabriel: O God, Thou art my God
  9. Tenney: God be merciful [solo composed and chorus arr. by J.H. Tenney]
  10. Gabriel: O thou God of my salvation [text: J. Olivers]
  11. Towne: In heavenly love abiding
  12. Ashford: Teach me, O Lord [theme by Sir Henry Bishop; arr. by E.L. Ashford]
  13. Ashford: Praise the Lord
  14. Gabriel: Lift up your hearts
  15. Ashford: Loved ones are waiting (In that beautiful land) [text: Clara Cole]
  16. Parks: Tarry with me
  17. Ashford: Even me (Lord I hear of showers of blessing)
  18. James M. Dungan: Safely through another week
  19. Arthur Nelson: Rock of Ages
  20. Ashford: Salvation! O the joyful sound
  21. Towne: Lead, kindly light
  22. J.M. Stillman: By the rivers of Babylon
  23. Towne: Wake the song of jubilee
  24. Ashford: When gathering clouds
  25. Towne: I heard the voice of Jesus say
  26. Ashford: Rest in the Lord
  27. Danks: My soul hath longed for Thy salvation
  28. Towne: Holy Father, hear my cry
  29. Danks: He rose and left the grave
  30. Jonathan E. Hall: My faith looks up to Thee
  31. Parks: He will forgive you now (Brother, the day is passing)
  32. Gabriel: Abide with me
  33. Ashford: O for a shout of joy
  34. Excell: Nearer, my God, to Thee [text: Mrs. S.F. Adams]
  35. Ashford: Just as I am
  36. Gabriel: Awake, O Zion [text: Rev. Milton T. Brown]
  37. Ashford: The Lord is my shepherd
  38. Arthur Nelson: Savior, breathe an evening blessing
  39. Gabriel: Cast thy bread upon the waters
  40. Ashford: Come unto me
  41. Gabriel: Sweet the moments
  42. Henry A. Lewis: Something for thee (Savior, Thy dying love)
  43. Excell: What will you do (What if the watchman should cry aloud)
  44. Ashford: Stand up for Jesus
  45. Henry A. Lewis: Praise ye the Lord!
  46. Gabriel: Memorial hymn (We give this peaceful day) [text: J.G. Whittier]
  47. Ashford: I was glad
  48. Towne: Hark the herald angels sing [text: Charles Wesley]
  49. Kirkpatrick: Rejoice (Rejoice in the Lord) [text: Psalm 33]
  50. Ashford: O be joyful in the Lord
  51. Henry A. Lewis: Love divine [text: Charles Wesley]
  52. Ashford: Calm on the listening ear

  • Excell's Anthems, Volume 5
  1. Gabriel: Abide with me
  2. Excell: All hail the power
  3. James M. Dungan: Awake my soul
  4. Ashford: Come Holy Spirit
  5. Towne: Glorious things of Thee are
  6. Henry A. Lewis: God be merciful
  7. Danks: God is my strength
  8. Excell: If I were a voice
  9. Noyes: I have cried unto Thee
  10. Crosby: I heard the voice
  11. James M. Dungan: In heavenly love abiding
  12. Excell: In Thy love
  13. E.H. Packard: I was glad
  14. Noyes: I will love Thee O Lord
  15. Ashford: Jesus, lover of my soul
  16. Gabriel: Jesus, lover of my soul
  17. Excell: Jesus, lover of my soul
  18. Fearis: Lead kindly light
  19. Noyes: Let us sing unto the Lord
  20. Towne: Lord, in the morning
  21. Gabriel: Love divine [arr. Gabriel]
  22. McPhail: Make a joyful noise
  23. Robinson: My heavenly home
  24. Noyes: O Lord, Thou are my God
  25. Ashford: O love the Lord
  26. Stillman: On Jordan's stormy banks
  27. Rich: O where shall rest be found
  28. Gabriel: Praise the Lord
  29. Ashford: Preserve me, O Lord
  30. Gabriel: Rock of Ages
  31. Excell: Rock of Ages
  32. McPhail: Savior, lik a shepherd [arr. McPhail]
  33. Lyon: Show us Thy mercy Lord
  34. Gabriel: Sing unto the Lord
  35. E.H. Packard: Sing unto the Lord
  36. Arthur Nelson: Stand up for Jesus
  37. Gabriel: The heavenly gate
  38. Daniels: The Lord is my shepherd
  39. Lyon: The Lord is my shepherd
  40. Lyon: There is a green hill
  41. Danks: The waiting Savior
  42. Noyes: Thy will be done
  43. Jackson: Trust in the Lord
  44. Excell: Who shall ascend
  45. Excell: Why stand ye here idle
  46. Gabriel: Ye heavens adore Him

First Publication. 1886-1899
Language English
Composer Time PeriodComp. Period Romantic
Piece Style Romantic
Instrumentation Voices, Organ or Piano