F.A. North




Francis A. North worked at G. André until late 1870, when he – acquiring half of the prior's extensive catalogue – left to establish his own business. F.A. North's connection with the aforementioned firm was utilized for advertising purposes on various rear-end advertisements. In 1872, the firm absorbed the music and publishing business of Charles W.A. Trumpler.

In 1890, the entire catalogue, stock and music plates of F.A. North were purchased by Ditson.

Important Acquisitions

  • Charles W.A. Trumpler (1872)

Imprints, Addresses, Agencies

  • 654 North 11th Street (1870-?)
  • F.A. North & Co., 1026 Chestnut Street (1870-1872 or later)
  • F.A. North & Co., 1308 Chestnut Street (1871 or earlier-90)

Plate Numbers

F.A. North's plate numbers were issued in the form [F.A.N. & Co.] ####. Dates in italics are estimated.

Plate Composer Work Year
0061 Beyer Soirées musicales, Op.109 (No.7)
0102 S., S.D. If We Knew
0264 Strauss Sr. Radetzky-Marsch, Op.228 (red. pf)
0280 Anonymous The Lancer's Quadrilles (arr. Tatzel; re-issue)
0327 Schondorf Wenn so sanft und mild, Selene
0404 Flotow Martha (8b. Volkslied: Letzte Rose, wie magst du so einsam; vocal score)
1191 Arditi Il bacio (re-issue)
1407 Arditi L'estasi (re-issue)
1545 Blumenthal Mein Gruss (X.L.C.R. ed.) 1872
1553 Aledo, M.F. Seaside Gallop 1871
1571 Crawford, Benjamin Franklin The Grass Withereth (arr. pf) 1872
1580 Ford, John Will You Love Me When I'm Old? 1872
1605 Abt 7 Lieder aus dem Buche der Liebe, Op.39 (No.1, B major)
1653 Graben-Hoffmann Ich fühle Deinen Odem, Op.39 1873
1670 Bishop Home, Sweet Home (F major) 1873
1717 Thomas A Fadeless Gem 1872
1718 Millard Up the Golden Stairs 1872
1761 Mack The Morning Ride 1873
1773 Alary Colinette 1874
1794 Ford My Ships are Coming Back to Me 1874
1817 Blake Watching by the Golden Gate 1874
1874 Blandner Vinetta 1875
1884 Kittredge, Walter Goodbye, Uncle Caleb 1876
1994 Cross, Michael Hurley 'La fille de Madame Angot' Galop (re-issue) 1877
2240 Winner, Joseph Eastburn The Old Log Hut (vocal score) 1875
2403 Latour, Pierre Free as a Bird Schottische 1878
2679 Meyer The Yachter's March 1878
3261 Meyer Tin Can on a Dog's Tail 1883
3278 Geibel Floating Song 1883
3404 Louis, M. Away Down South (No.1) 1884
3406 Louis Sweet Little Baby Girl (vocal score) 1884
3607 Chandler, J. Carroll White Mountains 1886
3624 Baker The Lotus Flower 1886
3635 Culbertson, Wm. Nancy Jane 1886
3721 Agthe, Fr. Cradle Song (medium voice) 1887
3843 Ford Sweet Rosalie 1888
3928 Bloomfield, Fred D. 2 Songs (No.1) 1889

Authority Control

  • VIAF (F.A. North & Co., corporate)


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