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This firm, known as Schulbuchhandlung operated from 1862 until the early 20th century in Langensalza (now known as Bad Langensalza), a small town in north-west Thuringia. It produced mainly educational and church music. Its output was small, only 100 items in the first 40 years, and the most productive period was 1860 to 1890.
It appears that Gressler was the successor to the Schulbuchhandlung des Thüringischen Lehrervereins which operated from 1842, since his firm re-issued several of their publications.

Gressler produced many works for piano by F. A. Gressler and W. Popp, and for violin by Stockmar, Kretschmar and Friedrich Solle.

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Plate Numbers

F.G.L. Gressler's plate numbers are in the format of ###. Dates in italics are estimated.

Plate Composer Work Year
037 Sachs Charakteristische Orgelstücke (Op.49) 1858
045 Popp Geschichte der Musik (vol.1)
046 Popp Geschichte der Musik (vol.2)
053 Popp Geschichte der Musik (vol.7)
055 Popp Geschichte der Musik (vol.3)
061 Popp Geschichte der Musik (vol.5)
072 Sachs Charakteristische Orgelstücke (Op.60) 1860
084 Popp Geschichte der Musik (vol.4)
102 Sachs Charakteristische Orgelstücke (Op.37) 1855
103 Sachs Charakteristische Orgelstücke (Op.64) 1861
128 Sachs Charakteristische Orgelstücke (Op.39) 1858
135 Popp Geschichte der Musik (vol.12)
170 Popp Geschichte der Musik (vol.6)
180 Popp Geschichte der Musik (vol.8)
185 Popp Geschichte der Musik (vol.9)
190 Popp Geschichte der Musik (vol.10)
192 Popp Geschichte der Musik (vol.11)
198 Sachs Charakteristische Orgelstücke (Op.53) 1859
204 Solle Practische Violinschule (vol.1) 1851
237 Solle Practische Violinschule (vol.2) 1852
387 Zsasskovszky 500 Cadenzen 1877
488 Kern 12 Vor- und Nachspiele für die Orgel, Op.46 1882
539-541 Kern Orgelschatz, Opp.55-57 1883
578-580 Kern Orgelschatz, Opp.72-74 1884
887 Heidrich Introduction und Fuge, Op.30
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