F.S. Lischke

Typical cover ca.1800
Typical cover ca.1830



This firm operated in Berlin from the late 18th century until 1842, and published a wide range of music for domestic use: songs, piano pieces, and string pieces.

In the early days Viotti and Dussek appear in the catalog, and later contemporary composers such as Johann Friedrich Kelz (1786—1862) (many piano pieces, and arrangements for cello) and Thiel (violin arrangements).

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  • F.S. Lischke


  • Berlin

Plate Numbers

  • F.S. Lischke's plate numbers are of the format of ####. Dates in italics are estimated.
Plate Composer Work Year
1440 Beethoven Horn Sonata, Op.17 1823
1441 Viotti 3 String Trios, WIII 16-18 (Op.18) 1823
1536 Himmel 3 Piano Trios (No.2)
1538 Himmel 3 Piano Trios (No.3)
1786 Vanhal 12 Sonatinas for Piano (book 1)
2146 Beethoven Adelaide : für eine Singstimme und Piano-Forte (Op. 46) 1830

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