F.W. Arnold

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Schumann Op.47 arr Brahms cover (1864)



This firm, which was probably a branch of F.W.Arnold of Dresden, operated in Elberfeld (now Wuppertal) in the Ruhr area from 1843 until 1872, and published a wide range of music for domestic use: songs, piano pieces, and violin pieces.

It published contemporary composers such as Johann Wenzel Kalliwoda, Niels Gade, Carl Gottlieb Reissiger and Schulz-Wede. One of its projects was Volksharfe, a long series of song collections, and F.W. Arnold himself edited Deutsche Volkslieder, in 7 volumes.

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  • F.W. Arnold


  • Elberfeld
  • Dresden (1853)

Plate Numbers

  • F.W Arnold's plate numbers are of the format of A. ###. Dates in italics are estimated.
Plate Composer Work Year
316 Gade Frühlingsblumen, Op.2b 1851
346 Gade 3 Nordiske Tonebilleder, Op.4 1853
542 Schumann Piano Quartet, Op.47 (arr. piano 4 hands) 1864
555-557 Schumann Bunte Blätter, Op.99 (Nos.11 & 14 piano 4 hands) 1861
555-557 Schumann 4 Marches, Op.76 (arr. piano 4 hands) 1861

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