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This London-based firm was founded by Frederick William Chanot (1857-1911) in about 1890, and published mainly violin music for at least 20 years. It seems to have co-operated with Laudy & Co.

The catalog contained many light pieces by lesser-known composers such as Philip de Soyres, Basil Althaus, Guido Papini, Giuseppe Contin, G Adelmann, William Reginald Cave,(cello) and Charles Fowler, alongside more famous names such as Charles Dancla, Emile Sauret, Hubert Ries, David Popper (cello) and Edward German. There were also many educational works such as Ries's Fifteen easy and progressive studies following his "Violin school", Op. 26 and J. Harold Henry's Studies and scales for the violin, viola and violoncello.

At least two works by Elgar were published by Chanot: Very easy pieces in the first position for violin with pianoforte accompaniment, Op. 22, and Etudes caractéristiques pour violon seul, Op. 24.

Chanot may have been related to a family of luthiers active in London at the same time: Georges Chanot (1831-1895) and his son Joseph Chanot (1864-1936).


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  • F.W. Chanot
  • Frederick William Chanot
  • Edition Chanot


  • 116 Oxford St. , Berners St. London W.
  • 75 Berners St. London W.
  • 185 Wardour St. London W.

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57 Papini Giga
910 Colberg Reverie 1897
1056 Althaus Violin Concertino No.2, Op.72 1904

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