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This firm in Bonn operated from circa 1835 until 1843. Although Bonn is a smaller city than nearby Cologne, it was important in many ways. Especially, it was the seat of the Archbishop-Elector of Cologne who, for 500 years until the 19th century, was the ruler of the Electorate of Cologne and also of the nearby Duchy of Westphalia. Bonn University was founded in 1818.

The firm was founded by Franz Joseph Mompour (1782-1842), organist at St Remigius in Bonn; in 1843, after his death, the firm was bought by Fürstner.

Mompour's catalog covered a wide range of musical genres, both vocal — solo songs, male voice choral songs, oratorios,sacred and secular songs; and instrumental — from large scale (symphonies by H. Neumann and Attern) to small chamber works for two violins, or trios for flute, violin and guitar. One unusual combination was a concertino for clarinet, bassoon and orchestra by Heinrich Neumann (Op.37).

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Plate Numbers

Mompour's plate numbers were issued in a regular chronological fashion. Plate numbers appear in the following format: ###. Dates in italics are estimated.

Plate Composer Work Year
106 Woelfl Piano Sonata in C minor 1835
171 Ries Souvenir d'Italie, Op.183 (parts) 1836
203 Neumann Clarinet Concertante No.2, Op.48 (parts and piano part) 1837
204 Ries Die Könige in Israel, Op.186 (full & vocal scores) 1837
224 Klein Sonata for Piano 4 hands 1838
280 Neumann Symphony, Op.49 (piano 4 hands)

Authority Control

  • VIAF (Mompour, Franz-Josef, 1782-1842)

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