F. T. Latour



Theodore Latour, trading under the name Francis Tatton Latour, was a pianist and piano teacher, composer, music editor and publisher active in London from 1792 to 1837. He the was pianist of the Prince of Wales then King of England George IV. Previously a partner in Chappell & Co. from 1811, he established his own firm in 1826. The business and premises were taken over by Samuel Chappell around 1830. Latour died in 1845.

Imprints, Addresses, Agencies


  • F.T. Latour


  • 50, New Bond Street, London

Plate Numbers

  • The letter L. #### was usually included as part of the plate numbering scheme
Plate Composer Work Year
1071 Bochsa Variations on 'Sul margine d'un rio' 1820
1449 Hummel Piano Trio in G major, Op.35
2452 Hummel Piano Trio in E-flat major, Op.96
2674 Hummel Adagio, Variationen und Rondo über ein russisches Thema, Op.78

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