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This company operated in Frankfurt am Main beginning in 1887. It published two distinct groups of works: songs and serious instrumental works. Some of the composers represented in its catalog were teachers at the Hoch Conservatory, including Iwan Knorr and Bernhard Scholz.

Their works by Scholz were Opp.62-69, 71, 73-78, 80-84, 87-94, the operas Ingo and Mirandolina and 6 other operas. Emil Sulzbach (1855—1932) also appears in their catalog.

The firm was sold to Fritz Baselt of Frankfurt in 1923. See: Hofmeister's Monatsbericht (1923), p.178.


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  • B. Firnberg


  • Frankfurt

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Plate Composer Work Year
70 Pfitzner 3 Lieder, Op.3 1893
71 Pfitzner 4 Lieder, Op.4 1893
224 Scholz Piano Trio No.2, Op.83 (parts) 1900

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