Music publishing firm operating in Paris between ca.1820 and 1840, at which time it was acquired by A. Brullé.


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  • Frère, Éditeur


  • Paris, Grande Galerie des Panoramas, [No.] 16

Plate Numbers

It is not yet possible to determine the chronology of Frère's plates. Plate numbers are in the format of ###, and later F. ###. Dates in italics are estimated. Missing plate numbers indicates they are not present on the score.

Plate Composer Work Year
Auber Le concert à la cour (v.s. selections) 1824
441 Plantade Le premier bouillon de l'amour 1825
467 Darondeau Guernadier que tu m'affliges 1826
Blangini Le coureur de veuves (v.s. selections) 1827
502 Plantade Le vieux drapeau 1827
510-11 Auber Le concert à la cour (full score and parts) 1828
696 Hünten Méthode de piano, Op.60 1833
F.604 Andrade La fille du nocher 1839
F.605 Andrade Embarquons nous 1839
F.678 Simiot La jeune fille 1839
Doche La lionne (Nocturne v.s.) 1840

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