Franz Pechel

Cover 1891
Cover 1895



This firm in Graz, Austro-Hungary, (now Styria (Steiermark), Austria) published songs and dances in the local Steyrisch style from 1886. A typical example is the 17-volume series Steirisches Tanz-Album.

It was the successor to a very early Graz publisher, Franz Festl. Franz Festl ran a bookstore Weingand and Festl (1771-89) then his own Franz Ferstl’sche Kunst- und Musikalienhandlung (1779–1821). From 1841 to 1852 J. L. Greiner continued the firm, renaming it Greiner’sche Kunst- und Musikalienhandlung, publishing for example the quarterly Musikalische Blumenlese des steyermärkischen Musikvereins (1823–26). After Greiner’s death it was managed by his widow, then Carl Tendler (to 1873) and Albert Leitner (to 1880) and finally Franz Pechel.

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  • Verlag von Franz Pechel (vorm. Ferstl)


  • Graz

Plate Numbers

Pechel's plate numbers appear to have been in the format of ###.

Plate Composer Work Year
07 Doppler Häusliche Scenen, Op.5 1886
52 Grosse Romanze, Op.42 1891
53 Grosse Lied ohne Worte, Op.25 1891
54 Grosse Andante religioso, Op.28 1891
93 Mayer 3 Tonbilder, Op.22 1895

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