Frederick Harris

Frederick Harris (1866-1945)
Cover ca.1910



Frederick Harris (1866-1945) founded the firm in London in 1904, and opened a Canadian office in 1910. Since then it has become Canada's major music publisher, especially providing for the needs of studio teachers and their students.

Imprints, Addresses, Agencies


  • Frederick Harris
  • The Frederick Harris Company


  • 89, Newman Street; Oxford Street; London W. (ca.1905)
  • 40 Berners Street; London W.I.
  • Dundas Street; Oakville, Ontario, Canada

Plate Numbers

Frederick Harris's plate numbers were issued in a regular chronological fashion. Plate numbers are in the format of F.H. ####. Dates in italics are estimated.

Plate Composer Work Year
0001 Blon Unter dem Siegesbanner Marsch (arr. for piano) 1904
0008b Blon Liebestraum (arr. for cello and piano) 1904
0201 Bohm Wanda, Op.88
0538 Dvořák Czech Suite, Op.39 , No.2 (piano) 1908
0539 Dvořák Czech Suite, Op.39 , No.3 (piano) 1908
0540 Dvořák Czech Suite, Op.39 , No.4 (piano) 1908
0830 Rawlings Petit Galop de Concert 1910
1055 Slater Nocturne 1917