Music publishing house founded 1776 by engraver Johann Michael Götz (c.1735-1810) in Mannheim. Published a total of 652 works between 1776-1799. In 1799, Götz moved to Worms; in 1802 his Mannheim business was given to Josef Abelshauser who continued it for 2 further years. See Catalogue c.1802 uploaded at Publishers' Catalogues


See: Scores published by Johann Michael Götz

Imprints, Agencies, Addresses

  • Mannheim bey J. M. Götz
  • Mannheim chez J. M. Götz
  • Mannheim chez le Sr. Götz
  • Mannheim im Musikverlag von Johann Michael Gœtz
  • Mannheim et Munich chez le Sr. Götz
  • Mannheim, Monaco [i.e. Munich] e Dusseldorff presso Götz
  • München, Mannheim und Düsseldorf Im Musikverlage von J. M. Götz
  • Manheim chez Gœtz et Compagnie
  • Mannheim bey Götz und Compagnie
  • Worms chez Jean Michel Götz

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