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This firm, founded by Gustav Adolph Sennewald (1804-60), operated in Warsaw from 1835 to the early 20th century, publishing mainly songs and piano music. Many operatic potpourris by Maurice Dietrich and piano pieces by Aleksander Zarzycki and Wilhelm Troschel (Sennewald's son in law) were in its catalog.

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  • Warsaw, Ul. Miodowa 481
  • Warsaw, Ul. Miodowa 481 (nowy 2)
  • Warsaw, Ul. Miodowa 2
  • Warsaw, Krakowskie-Przedmieście 7

Plate Numbers

G. Sennewald's plate numbers are in the format of ##, G.S. ## or G. ### S. Dates in italics are estimated.


Plate Composer Work Year
011 Kania Le Soir, La Nuit et Le Matin, Op.6 1856
014 Brzowski Esquisse d'une impression pathétique, Op.10
014 Moniuszko Souvenirs de Zamek na Czorsztynie
018 Kraszewski 2 Polonaises, Opp.119-120
426 Moniuszko Śpiew łabędzi (No.6) 1873?
482 Wielhorski 2 Valses, Op.44 1879

G.S. ##

Plate Composer Work Year
042 Kurpiński 15 Polonaises (collected by Brzowski) after 1857

G. ### S.

Plate Composer Work Year
37 Kontski Souvenir de Varsovie, Op.159
95 Nicolai The Merry Wives of Windsor (4 arrangements by L. Matuszyński: No.1)
97 Nicolai The Merry Wives of Windsor (4 arrangements by L. Matuszyński: No.3)
132 Dietrich Polonaise from 'Mignon'
182 Dietrich Polonaise brillante, Op.38 1867
581 Leybach Fantaisie brilliante on 'Norma', Op.65 1895
615 Massenet 10 Pièces de genre, Op.10 1895
879 Żeleński Berceuse, Op.32 1901
908 Sarasate Zigeunerweisen, Op.20 (arr. for piano solo)

No plate numbers

Plate Composer Work Year
Pohlens Contredanses on Themes from 'L'éclair' 1836
Pohlens Polonaise on Themes from 'Robert le diable'
Pohlens Contredanses on Themes from 'L'Elisir d'amore' 1839
Dietrich Malwina Polka 1840
Dietrich Polonaise from 'Lucrezia Borgia' 1844
Dietrich Polonaise from 'Lucrezia Borgia' 1844
Łodwigowski Zawadyak 1851
Dietrich Campanella 1861
Dietrich Lola Polka 1867
Rajczak Zénéide-Mazourka
Dietrich Le Train de vitesse, Op.56 1871
00(1) Troschel Polish Ears

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