Publisher of primarily chansons, light piano works and orchestral music, operating in Paris between ca.1869 and ca.1904. Started by Edmond Ghéluve, successor to Maison Braün, then operated by his widow (Vve. Ghéluve), and later Pascal van Ghéluve (or Ghéluwe).

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  • Maison Braün, éditeur, Edmond Ghéluve, succr. (ca.1869-ca.1879)
  • Ancienne maison Braun, Ed. Ghéluve, éditeur (ca.1879-ca.1880)
  • Vve. Ghéluve, succr. de Braun, éditeur (ca.1880-ca.1883)
  • Vve. Ghéluve, éditeur (ca.1883-1897)
  • Pascal Van Ghéluve, éditeur (1897-ca.1904)


  • Paris, 3 rue des Martyrs (ca.1869-ca.1880)
  • Paris, 35 rue Montorgeuil (ca.1880-ca.1883)
  • Paris, 77 rue Montmartre (ca.1883-ca.1904)

Plate Numbers

Plate numbers for Ghéluve were issued in two series, the first with prefixes E.G. and V.G. (ca.1869-1897), and the second with prefix P.V.G. (1897-ca.1904).

Prefixes: E.G. ### (up to 1880); V.G. ### (1880-1897)

Plate Composer Work Year
0703 Collongues Régina 1876
1011 Rollé Le commissionnaire du coin 1881
1231 Bagnat Ceinture dorée 1885
1232 Bagnat La Vallière 1885
1273 Bagnat La sève 1886
1310 Bagnat Cascatelle 1887

Prefix: P.V.G. (1897 and later)

Plate Composer Work Year

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