Gubrynowicz & Schmidt

Gubrynowicz & Syn cover after 1909
Gubrynowicz & Schmidt cover before 1909



Władysław Gubrynowicz (1836-1914) and Władysław Schmidt (1840-1909) founded a bookstore and publishing company in Lwów (Austro-Hungary, German name Lemberg, now Lviv in Ukraine) in 1868. In 1882 they bought Karol Wild’s bookstore and lending library. In 1908 Schmidt, shortly before his death, gave his share of the company to Gubrynowicz’s son Kazimierz, so in 1909 the name was changed to Gubrynowicz and Son (Gubrynowicz & Syn). Aleksander Krawczyński bought the bookstore in 1935 but did not change the name. The business ceased in 1945.

Gubrynowicz & Schmidt/Gubrynowicz & Syn was a general publisher, and music was only a small part of their output.


Imprints, Addresses, Agencies

  • Gubrynowicz & Schmidt (1868-1909)
  • Gubrynowicz & Syn (1909-1939)



  • Lviv (known as Lwów (Lemberg in German) when part of the Austrian Empire (1882-1918) and as Lwów when in Poland (1919-1939))

Plate Numbers

  • Gubrynowicz's plate numbers appear in the format of G. & S. ###. Dates in italics are estimated.
Plate Composer Work Year
9 Orda Tęsknota wygnańca
112 Mikuli Mazurka, Op.3
113 Mikuli Mazurka, Op.4
164 Gall 4 pieśni ludowe włoskie 1909
166 Szopski Träumereien, Op.10 1910
182 Niewiadomski Chansons d'avril, Op.46 (No.1) 1920

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