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Gustav Heinze (died 1878), not to be confused with the composer Gustav Adolf Heinze (1820-1904), founded his short-lived firm in Leipzig in 1862, and sold it to Max Abraham (C.F. Peters) in 1876. Heinze moved to Dresden in 1867 and worked with the music store named B. Friedel. In addition to works by Liszt, Bulow, Rietz and Schumann, he published several arrangements by his wife, the distinguished pianist and arranger of Bach Album, Sara Magnus-Heinze (1836-1901).


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Plate Numbers

Heinze's plate numbers are in the following format: G. ### H. Dates in italics are estimated.

Plate Composer Work Year
61 Liszt Fantasie über ungarische Volksmelodien, S.123 (Piano part) 1864
81 Draeseke Märzblumen, Op.2i 1864
851 Rietz Arioso, Op.48 (violin & organ) 1869
877 Hiller Konzertstück, Op.104 (cello & piano) 1871
879 Hummel Cello Sonata in A major, Op.104 (2.Romance) 1871
883 Loewe 3 Balladen, Op.116 1871
884 Merkel Arioso, Op.55 (violin & organ/piano) 1871
890 Hummel Cello Sonata in A major, Op.104 (ed.Grützmacher) 1872

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