Hagemann & Topp

Oesten operatic fantasy cover 1847
Beyer piano pieces cover 1847



Hagemann & Topp, based in the historic Baltic port city of Rostock operated quite briefly, from 1847 to 1856.

The catalog consisted mainly of popular works (piano dances and songs) but there was a series of Haydn and Mozart symphony arrangements for piano duet by Friedrich Mockwitz (1785—1849). Oesten's operatic potpourris such as Souvenir de Martha, Op.34 from the 12-item Réminiscences d’Opéras were typical popular pieces.

The firm may have been bought by one of the three Rostock firms to publish music in the German Empire period (1870-1918): Wessel (1867-) Trustchell (1878-) and Lorenz (1888-).

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