Hercules Hinz

cover 1898



This firm operated from 1879 until 1936 when it was bought by Hofmeister. It published mainly popular piano works by Popp, Bielfeld, Giese and others, and in the 1890s many violin pieces by Carl Schatz.


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Plate Numbers

Hinz's plate numbers appear in the following format: H. ### H. Dates in italics are estimated.

Plate Composer Work Year
504 Donndorff Gabrielen-Walzer, Op.22 1892
546 Schatz Violin Concertino No.1, Op.23 1893
563 Schatz Violin Concertino No.2, Op.26 1898
580 Schatz Klavierschule fur die Unter- bis zur Oberstufe, Op.34 1904

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