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Ferdynand Wilhelm Hoesick (1835-1900) started his book store and publishing firm in Warsaw in 1865. It published much light music by St. Moniuszko, J.F.Dobrzyński and others, some chamber works by Ladislas Zeleński and others, sacred vocal music, and organ and harmonium works by Aug.Freyer.
The founder’s son, Ferdynand Hoesick (1867-1941) wrote a famous biography of Chopin. Chopin. Życie i twórczość. (1904)



  • Chwała na wysokości (vocal church music)
  • Kłosy or Melodies favorites (violin or cello and piano)
  • Le Progamme des Professeurs (piano solo)
  • Salon (piano solo)

Imprints, Addresses, Agencies

  • F.W. Hoesick
  • Hösick
  • Naklad Ferdynanda Hösicka




Plate Numbers

  • Hoesick's plate numbers appear in the format ####, F. ### H. or F.H. ###. Dates in italics are estimated.


Plate Composer Work Year
001 Moniuszko Polonaise de concert (arr. for piano 4-hands) 1871
002 Moniuszko Polonaise de concert (arr. for piano) 1871
004-6 Kania 3 Chants sans paroles, Op.25 1871
08 Dietrich Chanson thüringienne, Op.40 1871
009 Dombrowski, Henri La Belle de nuit, Op.60 1871
025 Sonnenfeld Potpourri on 'Halka'
089 Abt 3 Lieder, Op.137 (No.2 with polish text: Dobranoc)
064 Kleczyński Circulus vitiosus 1902
132 Elsner Polish Mass in F major, Op.79
137 Moniuszko Kiedy ranne wstają zorze
145 Moniuszko Benedictus
180 Moniuszko Latin Mass in D-flat major
181 Moniuszko Latin Mass in E-flat major
193 Oborski Lancier, Op.12
228 Freyer 12 Preludes, Op.17 1874
241 Elsner Beatus vir, Op.56
242 Elsner Polish Mass in B-flat major, Op.44
243 Elsner Polish Mass in F major, Op.77
248 Kurpiński Mass in E minor
275 Chopin Mazurkas, Op.33 (No.2 arr. for violin and piano by G. Adolfson) 1870s
280 Żeleński Violin Sonata, Op.30 1879
288 Kurpiński Polonaise 'Witaj Królu' (arr. for violin and piano by G. Adolfson)
334 Sonnenfeld Halka Fantasy
440 Górski Practical Violin School – Book 2 1880s
515 Dietrich Polonaise in C major 1880
659 Górski Practical Violin School – Book 3 1880s
660 Moniuszko Hymn o Św. Stanisławie

F.H. ###

Plate Composer Work Year
725 Wolff Vortragsstücke, Op.48 (No.1) 1902

F. ### H.

Plate Composer Work Year
3 Bohm 3 Danses-Caprices, Op.334 (No.1) 1903
61 Oborski La belle danseuse, Op.11
62 Oborski Lancier, Op.12


No plate numbers.

Plate Composer Work Year
Braga La serenata (with Polish text by Jan Chęciński)
Osmański Karol Mazur
Bonfils La Reconnaisance 1873

Maybe not Hoesick's engravings.

Plate Composer Work Year
27 Noskowski 3 Morceaux, Op.22 (No.3 arr. for vln/cello and piano) 1902/1903
40 Górski Practical Violin School – Introductory part (by Noskowski) 1903
G. 248 H. Bohm 6 Morceaux, Op.302 1893

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