Hudební Matice

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Hudební Matice (1871-2000) was a Czech music publishing company. It was founded in 1871 in Prague to promote Czech composers, chiefly operated by Ludevít Procházka, and its very first publication was the vocal score for Smetana's Bartered Bride in 1872.

After nearly twenty years, the private firm was dissolved and absorbed to become the musical arm of Umělecká beseda (The Artistic Forum) in Prague, operating as a legal entity (1889 to 1951), with a continuing emphasis on the work of Czech composers.

The last phase of Hudební Matice's activity started in 1952, when its assets, and most importantly its catalog, were transferred to Statni hudebni nakladatelstvi, the predecessor of Editio Supraphon. Finally, when the last legal successor of Supraphon, Editio Praga, ceased to exist in 2000, the original catalog of Hudebni Matice entered the public domain.

Imprints, Agencies, Addresses

  • Hudební matice Umělecké besedy

Plate Numbers

  • Early issues from 1889 forward have the plate prefix H.M.U.B., with this being shortened to H.M. later on. Items published after 1948, with "H " prefix, go in Editio Supraphon.
Plate Composer Work Year
0013 Novák Slovak Songs (books 1,2?) 1920
0223 Novák Youth Suite, Op.55 1929
0230 Janáček Violin Sonata 1922
0294 Suk Bagatela 'With Nosegay in Hand' 1923
0305 Novák Slovak Songs (book 3, Newmarch transl.) 1923
0309 Suk 4 Episody 1924
0310 Suk About Friendship, Op.36 1924
0329 Janáček Taras Bulba 1925
0339 Janáček 1.X.1905 1924
0371 Janáček Concertino 1925
0396 Foerster Wind Quintet, Op.95 1927
0403 Krejčí, M. Smrt a život, Op.19b 1927
0412-14 Janáček Lašské Tance 1928
0589 Martinů Impromptu, H.166 (score, pt) 1934
0647 Suk Dvě klavírní skladby 1936
0704 Janáček In The Mists 1938
0711 Kaprálová Dubnová preludia, Op.13 1938
0723 Dussek La Consolation, Op.62 1939
0816 Suk Album Leaf in F major 1943
0818 Krejčí, M. String Quintet, Op.15 (score) 1944
0819 Krejčí, M. String Quintet, Op.15 (parts) 1946
0833 Janáček Zdenka Variations 1944
0854 Dvořák Rusalka, Op.114
0858 Foerster Zbirožská Suita, Op.167 1943
0897 Pícha Violin Sonata No.2, Op.25 (score&pt, pt. ed by Zika) 1945
0921 Krejčí, M. Viola Sonata, Op.57 (sc&pt) (1941) 1944
0935 Janáček The Diary of One Who Disappeared
0978 Pícha Stěpančikovo, dramatická ouvertura, Op.20 (score) 1947
1001 Pícha String Quartet No.2, Op.30 (score) 1947
1080 Janáček 15 Moravian Folksongs 1950
1231 Janáček Music for Club Swinging 1950

Authority control

  • VIAF (Hudební matice Umělecké besedy (nakladatelství))