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Donation Methods

  • Affiliate Links (ex. Amazon) - 10% of purchases made during the visit to that site after following the link will go towards supporting IMSLP. However, we are very interested in integrating the links into the page in a way that people are comfortable with and find useful. Please do contact Feldmahler if you have an idea of how to make it more comfortable and usable.
  • Publicity - IMSLP always welcomes publicity, and would be very grateful if you would be willing to help in publicizing the IMSLP. IMSLP is now also called the Petrucci Music Library.

Archive Mirroring

IMSLP is currently looking for people willing to mirror the IMSLP archive to increase available bandwidth. The requirements are as follows:

  • Disk space: You may choose the size of the chunk of the IMSLP archive to mirror in 1/16 sections. The current size of the entire archive is ~500GB (hence one section would be a little more than a GB). However, mirroring the entire archive is preferred if possible, especially since disk space is cheap nowadays anyway.
  • Bandwidth: You may also choose the maximum percentage you want to handle of the data that you mirror. The current total bandwidth usage for the entire archive is ~GB per day. The amount of bandwidth that will be redirected to your mirror will be
            (total bandwidth) * (percentage mirrored size-wise) * (percentage mirrored bandwidth-wise)
    For example, if you choose to mirror 1/4 of the IMSLP archive requesting 50% of the bandwidth, the total bandwidth directed to your site would be approximately (currently)
            GB/day * (1/4) * 50% = GB/day
    The minimum percentage of bandwidth mirrored is currently set at 1/8 the total bandwidth.
  • Speed: You should have at least 10Mbps upload burst; 20+Mbps is preferred.
  • Location: The server must be in Canada for legal reasons. Name of the server administrator is needed. Phone number is not absolutely necessary but much preferred in case of emergency.
  • Access: Rsync is preferred for mirroring, but FTP is also possible if necessary.

For more information, visit the FAQ - Mirroring IMSLP.


More contributors/maintainers of the wiki are always needed! :) Please visit IMSLP:Contributing scores, Tasks and Vacant staff positions if you are interested.

See the discussion page for more (developing) IMSLP contribution ideas.

List of Donors

The following is a list of people who have donated to IMSLP in various ways other than direct wiki contributions.

  • Mike Hawley (MIT) - Donated a personal score archive of more than 14,000 scores, which is the raw material for the ongoing MIT archive project.