IMSLP:Contributing scores

Welcome! This guide explains the three parts of contributing a score: verifying, obtaining, and submitting.

For a quick version, see: IMSLP:Quick Guide to Score Submission.

Verifying Copyright Status

See: verifying copyright status

  • Scores not in the Public Domain or without an acceptable license will be deleted.
  • All file uploaded using the main IMSLP tools must be public domain or available under an acceptable license in at least Canada, where our main server is hosted.
  • Files which are in the public domain or released under an acceptable license in the United States, but not Canada, may be uploaded to IMSLP-US using a special form. To add a file that is in the public domain in the US, but not Canada, see the PML-US upload instructions
  • Since Project Petrucci, LLC - the company which owns this site - is headquartered in the USA, only items which are in the public domain or made available under license in the US are available for download from servers operated by Project Petrucci, LLC. Other organizations located in different countries may offer downloads of other materials according to the laws of the relevant countries.
  • No legal advice or warranty is provided on this site. Please consult the copyright laws of your country.

Obtaining Electronic Scores

See: Scanning music scores

  • Scanning - Find and scan public domain music scores (personal copy, library, etc).
  • Importing from other websites - See our Community Projects page, or our list of public domain music websites. IMSLP aims to be a centralized site for music scores and encourages submissions from other public domain music websites. Please note that all logos, brands and privately-owned URLs must be removed from scanned material obtained elsewhere before uploading.

Submitting Scores

See: Score Submission Guide

  • 'Add Score' and 'Add Recording' buttons can be found on every work page and walk you step-by-step through uploading. These links can be found under the "Add File" menu at the upper right corner of the work page.