IMSLP:Contributing scores

Welcome! This guide explains the three parts of contributing a score: verifying, obtaining, and submitting.

For a quick version, see: IMSLP:Quick Guide to Score Submission.

Verifying Copyright Status

See: verifying copyright status

  • Scores not in the Public Domain or without a Creative Commons license will be deleted. All scores must be public domain in at least Canada, where our main server is hosted. Since Project Petrucci, LLC - the company which owns this site - is headquartered in the USA, items still under copyright in the USA cannot be submitted if you are uploading from the USA.

Obtaining Electronic Scores

See: Scanning music scores

  • Scanning - Find and scan public domain music scores (personal copy, library, etc).
  • Importing from other websites - See our Community Projects page, or our list of public domain music websites. IMSLP aims to be a centralized site for music scores and encourages submissions from other public domain music websites. Please note that all logos, brands and privately-owned URLs must be removed from scanned material obtained elsewhere before uploading.

Submitting Scores

See: Score Submission Guide

  • 'Add Score' and 'Add Recording' buttons can be found on every work page and walk you step-by-step through uploading. These links can be found under the "Add File" menu at the upper right corner of the work page.