This page is designed as a portal for volunteers participating in the new IMSLP categorization project, which started in January 2010. If you aren't one of the volunteers then you don't have to worry about doing anything described below, although you're perfectly free to read on, or even to offer your services as a volunteer (contact one of the active project members).

So if you are a volunteer, then the first thing to do is thank you for your help with this major project, which involves checking and tagging "work pages" (by which we mean a page containing files and information on one composition). You can choose a particular set of pages to tag, which involves adding a short line of text, which we call a "tag" at a specified point on each page. (Incidentally, this is quite different from the process of copyright tagging, which we don't need to worry about here).


Information and links concerning the project are shown below: