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This page is for the use of members of the IMSLP Categorization Project only.


Active Project Members (all members)

If you are interested in joining the project then please contact one of the active project members for more information.

Using Tags

Only assigned project members are permitted to add tags to work pages.

To use a tag on a work page, simply add "|Tags=" followed by the tags separated by spaces semi-colons to the end of the General Information section of the page, like this:

|Tags=secular choruses ; ten orch ; ru

Depending on whether the tags have been registered yet (don't worry about that!), after saving the page you will either see "Unknown Tag" added to the list of categories at the bottom of the page, or a series of new category headings in red that are derived from the tags.

Registered Tags

A list of registered tags, and the categories they map to, can be found at MediaWiki:Genres#Tags. This page is protected to prevent unauthorised users from changing the tag names or categories.

Proposed Tags

A list of tags that have been proposed for adoption after the completion of the main stage of the project can be found here.

Unregistered Tags

It's no longer necessary to include here unregistered tags, as they will be detected from the Unknown tag category. But if you need a new tag to cover something not already in the work types or instrument list, then you can mention it on the talk page (using the "discussion" tab at the top of this page).


I hope no-one will mind that for ease of use I've taken the liberty of moving this discussion to the talk section of this page — P.davydov 11:40, 6 January 2010 (UTC)

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