Past projects

  • Special Collections Associate - work-from-home project-based contractor position, flexible hours, contractor decides the number of hours to work
IMSLP is looking for several musicians to help with the cataloging of special collections (current project). Music degree or background required. If interested please send resume and a short cover e-mail. (Posted January 8, 2018, rolling acceptances)
  • Musician Translator (9 positions) - project-based contractor positions, work-from-home, flexible hours
IMSLP is looking for 9 musicians to work on various translation/localization projects. Requirements:
- one of the following languages must be the applicant's native language: Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese or Korean,
- must be an actively performing/teaching musician who use IMSLP regularly and would like to promote IMSLP in the specified language/culture,
- must have a very good understanding of English, and
- music degree strongly preferred.
Cover letter/e-mail should speak to these requirements. (Posted August 5, 2017, updated August 7, 2017, application deadline August 11, 2017)
  • Digital Librarian - long-term work-from-home contractor position, flexible hours, workload 15-30 hours per week (contractor decides the number of hours to work)
IMSLP is looking for musicians to fill several librarian positions involving copyright review and general maintenance of the collection. Music degree or background required, as is experience using IMSLP. Interest in or familiarity with copyright law strongly preferred. Cover letter/e-mail should speak to these requirements. (Posted July 3, 2017, application deadline 12PM Eastern Time July 6, 2017)