IMSLP is grateful for any donations in the form of bandwidth/servers to mirror the site.



Internet connectivity

A common home internet connection (cable, DSL) cannot be used for mirroring. Mirroring requires one of the following:

  • a server in a data center or otherwise designed for webhosting, preferably with no bandwidth limit and a speed of 10Mbps minimum, or
  • a fiber connection with no bandwidth limit and a speed of 10Mbps minimum (FIOS has been tested, but other fiber connections may also work).

Technical requirements

  • We will need a minimum of 100GB free disk space.
  • The server must be online 24/7, though occasional maintenance downtime is perfectly fine.
  • The server must be on a static IP address (the default for data center servers).
  • You should know how to run a SSH server and a webserver. (Nothing fancy; you just need to know how to start the server software and update periodically as necessary.)

How to set up mirror

  1. Install the following software:
    • a SSH server (e.g. OpenSSH)
    • a webserver (e.g. nginx or lighttpd)
    • rsync
  2. Test to make sure SSH and webserver can be accessed from the internet.
  3. E-mail Feldmahler:
    • The address of the server (either URL or IP is fine)
    • The SSH access credentials (username, password)

... and we'll take care of the rest!