IMSLP:Site development/Work page redesign

Part of the site design project

This page is meant to collect the shortcomings of the current work page layout, as well as proposed solutions.



Problem: The standard layout of the headings clashes with the template design.

Proposed solutions: The best thing would probably to design a complete new Mediawiki "skin" for IMSLP, replacing the standard "Monobook" design. This is probably not very high priority however.

General info box

Problem: On long pages, one has to scroll to the bottom to see the general information.

Proposed solutions: The box could be placed at the top of the page, but it is rather large. We could also consider splitting it into an "essential" part at the top of the page, plus a "supplementary" part at the bottom. Would that be confusing?

Table of contents

  • On long pages the table of contents probably makes navigation easier/faster.
  • However it disturbs the layout by adding an extra frame with a lot of space. Maybe standard floating property and alignment to the right would improve this.
    • Except on very wide screens, the file template takes up most of the page width, so floating the TOC to the right of it won't work.

File template

  • increase width to prevent redundant line breaks on long file descriptions (example).
    • Done - the max width was increased from 60em to 65em.
  • smaller font to increase overview?
  • change "Preview Sample" to just "Preview" (or just "Sample")
  • change "Type: Scan, Scanned by... " to something less redundant.
    e.g. Scan (made) by Peter talk
    replace "Type: Scan, Scanner: ..." with "Scanned by ..." and "Type: Manuscript, Scanner: ..." with "Manuscript scanned by ...", as discussed.
... and Typeset by ... ?