IMSLP:SkyWolf Typeset Project

This SkyWolf Typeset Project aims to typeset the rare manuscripts in IMSLP, transforming the manuscripts into playable scores. This is to provide more exposure to every music lover and more chance for those unheard works to be played.
It is hoped that this project could lead to multiple researches about now forgotten/niche composers.



We hope that 30% of the unknown manuscripts can be digitized and typeset.


Create typeset and upload, that is all xD
Though, please use {{SkyWolfProject}} at the Extra Information of the files you uploaded!

Current Situation

It has been ongoing under another private group since a year. However, we have only been managed to finish a tiny fraction of them. We hope that everyone joining this project could digitize manuscripts whatever you like. Feel free to add the composers you want to digitize below!

Target Composers

Project Members