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some sort of self introduction, I guess? xD

Well, I don't know what I should say...
So ah, I am a composer, also an archiver. Right now I am currently slowly uploading Marco Anzoletti's massive works from BdT (Biblioteca Digitale Trentina / Trentino Digital Library).
Edit: Now also Belgica, though the bulky size might be a problem...
Edit #2: I am now lazying around, but still consistently uploading random scores. Currently working on Roberto Gerhard and Alan Rawsthorne.
Edit #3: Well now I just randomly uploading stuff from my place LOL
Edit #4: Scanning Giuliani stuff, and Buxtehude Werke... also Rimsky-Korsakov stuff! Also I am analysing some of his works and being an individual researcher on his works and manuscripts.
Unfortunately, due to some aspect issue, I also have some Anzoletti's works that are not able to upload here because of BdT's policy.
Other than that, I also owned a score video channel, which is consistently (hopefully) uploading niche works.
Whoever you are, feel free to ask any question about Anzoletti or anything else xD

My own work

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