The work page field should be left as-is. You may read the guide/walkthrough if you have any questions about the submissions process. Please try to fill in as much publisher information as possible, using the format given below.

The file size limit for uploads is currently 250MB. If you want to upload multiple files that exceed 200MB combined, please upload them separately, or else the upload will fail. To upload files using pURLs, use the old form.

If a file is public domain only in the United States (e.g. was published before 1927 but author died less than 50 years ago), please use this upload form instead (note: file-names with apostrophe character should be avoided).

Upload guidelines for performances

All performances are accepted except computer synthesized audio (e.g. computer renditions of MIDI, Finale or Sibelius files) unless:

  1. the synthesized audio file is submitted by the composer of the work itself,
  2. the work calls for synthesized audio,
  3. the synthesized audio is of such a high quality that a subjective decision is made by IMSLP administrators to allow synthesized files created by this contributor, or
  4. the file is in MIDI format.

Any person wishing to submit synthesized audio under the third exception above must first contact IMSLP administrators.

Permitted file types (visit this page for more information)

  • Audio: MP3, OGG, MP4, FLAC
  • Video: MP4

File Name: Mandatory. Enter the file name of the file you want to upload and submit. As this will also be the filename on the server, please use an identifiable filename with composer and work!

Work Page: Use the default. Do not change unless you know what you are doing.

File Description: A brief description of the file uploaded (ex. Complete Score. See IMSLP:Score submission guide/File Descriptions for details.). If the file is a typeset file, then typeset score is frequently added to this field. This field is mandatory.

Uploader: This is the name that shows up on the page; if left blank the username under which you are currently logged in as will be used. In both cases the link itself will always point to the user page of the username under which you're currently logged in.

Copyright: Self explanatory. A detailed summary of the Creative Commons licenses can be found here.