All fields are optional except Work Title, Composer (use default), and Piece Style. Also, please read the general information guide and the score submission guide before using any of the forms.

When editing a work page, do not modify the 'Tags' field unless you are a member of the team. Please see IMSLP:Categorization for more information.

Work Title: Mandatory. Construct a title for the work that uniquely identifies it in the composer's output. For example, for Beethoven, use "Piano Sonata No.10" or "Piano Sonata, Op.14 No.2" rather than "Piano Sonata in G major", since three of Beethoven's piano sonatas are in G major. Please use numeric digits instead of written out numbers wherever possible (ex. "10 Pieces" instead of "Ten Pieces"). Also, it is a good idea to not put the key in the title unless there is no opus or catalogue number, or there is some other very good reason. Conversely, putting the opus or catalogue number in the title is almost mandatory, if they exist.

Example: Eroica Variations, Op.35

Alternative Title: This is the alternative title that will be shown on the page in the field "Alternative Title:". The most common uses of this field includes descriptive titles (ex. Pathétique for Beethoven's 8th piano sonata), or the title of the piece in a different language. If more than one is included, they should be separated by a semicolon.

Example: Das Hammerklavier

Composer: Do not change unless you know what you are doing.

Opus/Catalogue Number: Most composers use opus numbers, but a few also have catalogue numbers (Mozart, Bach, etc.) If both are present, please include both separated by a semicolon. Also, be sure to indicate the catalogue name in addition to the number (for example, Op.18 instead of just 18).

Key: Give the starting key signature for the work (if there is one), not individual sections or movements. Put {{flat}} and {{sharp}} for flat and sharp respectively.

Number of Movements/Sections: The number and type of sections within the work.

Example: 5 movements

Average Duration: This should be given in whole minutes, with the word "minutes" written out in full.

Example: 5 minutes

Dedication: The name of the person or institution to whom the work is dedicated. Include dates where known.

First Performance: If known, give the date of the world premiere of the work, in the following format: YYYY-MM-DD, followed by the city, the venue and the names of the performers. If not known, leave field empty.

Year/Date of Composition: Give the year the work was composed, if known. If unknown, leave empty. Any specific date information should be after the year.

Year of First Publication: Give the year the work was first published. If estimated, please include ca. after the 4-digit year date.

Librettist and Language: Optional fields used only for vocal works. Please include dates for the librettist and capitalize the language.

Instrumentation: Short hand is not permitted. Names of instruments and ranges should be given in English.

Example: 2 Violins, viola, cello

Misc. Comments: Please use this field for information specific to the piece in question, and not to a particular file that you are going to submit to the page. In the latter case, use the "Misc. Notes" field in the file submission form instead.

General Information: All fields here except the very first are for the General Information section of each new page and refer only to the composer's original version of the work, never to an arrangement.