Instrumental and Vocal Music, Gb-Lcm C41/2 (Various)

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Publisher. Info. Manuscript, n.d.(ca.1659).
Misc. Notes Royal College of Music Library, London (GB-Lcm): C41/2
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General Information

Work Title Instrumental and Vocal Music, GB-Lcm C41/2
Alternative. Title
Composer Various
I-Catalogue NumberI-Cat. No. None [force assignment]
Movements/SectionsMov'ts/Sec's partial contents (from GB-Lcm 41/1, still to get the rest):
  1. pp.1-28
  2. Division no. 1 / [division by] Mr Keller
  3. Division no. 2 / a division by John Cutts of Lincoln
  4. Division no. 3 : [divisions on] Old Simon ye King
  5. Division no. 4 / Mr Banister's division
  6. Division no. 5 / division by Mr Finger for ye flute
  7. Division no. 6 / [division by Finger?]
  8. Division no. 7 / [division by Finger?]
  9. Division no. 8 / [division by] Mr Finger
Arias & ritornelli by Carlo Pallavicino (numbering assumes the ritornello go with the previous aria)
  1. Aria con tromba Al nume guerriero (voice (C3 clef), trumpet, continuo) -- Ritornello (strings (2 treble clef, 2 C3 clef), continuo?)
  2. [Aria] Da la tomba (voice (C3 clef), continuo)
  3. [Aria] Partirò (C1 clef, continuo) -- Ritornello (GB lists this in their contents, but it is not in the manuscript?)
  4. [Aria] Voglio per forza (C1 clef, continuo) -- Ritornello (strings (2 treble clef, 2 C3 clef), continuo?)
  5. [Aria] Amore, e che sarà? (C3 clef, continuo) -- Ritornello (strings (2 treble clef, 2 C3 clef), continuo?)
  6. (p.48) starts with "Un amante si codardo", but GB-Lcm 41/1 doesn't list that in the contents
  7. (p.49-54 seem to be missing)
  8. [Aria] (p.100) Non si ritardi piú (voice (C1 clef), strings (2 treble clefs, 2 C3 clef, continuo?)
  9. [Aria] (p.104) Par mai d'amare ancora? (voice (C1 clef), continuo)
  10. Sinfonia (p.106) (strings (2 treble clefs, C3 clef, C4 clef, continuo?)
  11. pp.108-110
  12. (p.111) A cannon in G / [Anon.] (voices, Latin language, "Non nobis Domine
  13. . . . pp.114-end
First Publication. 1659 ca.
Language Italian, Latin
Piece Style Baroque
Instrumentation see above, Contents

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