J.C. Schreiner & Son


John C. Schreiner was an American music publisher based in Macon and Savannah, Georgia. Along other publishers (A. E. Blackmar, George Dunn, John H. Hewitt and the Werleins), Schreiner's imprints had an important role in Southern music publication in the United States during the American Civil War.

Imprints, Addresses, Agencies

  • John Schreiner, Cotton Street, Macon, Georgia (1860-1861)
  • J.C. Schreiner & Son, Cotton Street, Macon, Georgia (1862-1864)
  • John C. Schreiner & Son, Congress Street, Macon, Georgia (1863-1865)
  • Herman L. Schreiner (1868-)

See also

  • Abel, E. Lawrence. Singing the New Nation. Mechnicsburg: Stackpole Books, 2000.