J.W. Pepper

James Welsh Pepper (1853-1919)
Howard E. Pepper Building - 33rd & Walnut, Philadelphia (1910-1926)
Typical tutor (1880s)
Typical Sousa cover (1890s)



James Welsh Pepper (1853-1919) started this music instrument retailer and manufacturer in Philadelphia in 1877. The firm published sheet music from the 1878 until 1924. The Pepper Piano Music Magazine was issued from 1900 until 1912. In that same year the firm ended publication of its Musical Times and Band Journal. Since the 1930s it has been a retail-only business.



  • Choice Solos for Piano as performed with great success by the Bands of the United States & Canada.
  • Classic Clarinet Solos with Piano Accompaniment
  • Classic Cornet Solos with Piano Accompaniment. Full title: J.W. Pepper's Classic Cornet Solos with Piano Accompaniment.
  • Classic Flute Solos with Piano Accompaniment.
  • Opera House Orchestra. Full title: J.W. Pepper's Opera House Orchestra with Piano Accompaniment.
  • Superb Solos for Violin or Flute with Piano Accompaniment
  • Theatrical and Dance Journal. Full title: Theatrical & Dance Journal, for Large and Small Orchestra with Piano Accompaniment (ad lib.).
  • Twentieth Century Journal for Orchestra.

Imprints, Addresses, Agencies


  • J.W. Pepper
  • J.W. Pepper & Son


  • Philadelphia
    • 832 Filbert Street (1877). Identified as the southeast corner of 9th and Filbert Streets.
    • Southwest Corner of 8th and Locust Streets (1880s-)
    • Howard E. Pepper Building at 33rd and Walnut Streets (1910-)
    • 5014 Sansom Street (1926-)

Plate Numbers

  • J.W. Pepper does not appear to have utilized plate numbers.


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