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London-based publishing house founded in by musician Joseph Dale before 1778. Around 1785, he purchased some plates, copyrights, and stock from William Napier, as well as some from Charles Bennett, Temple, once the property of John Welcker. About 1786 he bought up the stock-in-trade and Musical Circulating Library (consisting of upwards of 100,000 books) of Samuel Babb, taking over his premises at 132 Oxford Street. In 1791 he opened a third branch (the warehouse) at 19 Cornhill, opposite the Royal Exchange. In 1805 Joseph Dale was organist of St. Anthony and St. John the Baptist, Watling Street. He also took out Letters Patent for improvements on the Tambourine. His son William joined the firm before 1806 - from about 1809 the two had separate addresses.
James Dale seems to have been a relative, perhaps a brother; he published some of his own works from his house at No.6 Norfolk Street, Strand, and from 16 Bowling Green Place, Kennington, ca.1800 ; another relation may be Christopher Dale, who was at 12 King's Road, near Sloane Square, Chelsea, ca.1813.

Imprints, Addresses, Agencies


  • J. Dale (ca.1778-1821)
  • Joseph Dale
  • Dale's Warehouse (1791-ca.1821)
  • Joseph & William Dale (ca.1805-1809)
  • Joseph Dale & Son, at their Warehouses
  • Jos. Dale & Son, Piano Forte Makers (by Appointment) to His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, & Music Sellers to the Royal Family, No.19, Cornhill, the corner of Holles Street, Oxford Street, & No.151, New Bond Street
  • William Dale (ca.1809-1827)
  • Elspeth Dale (ca.1827-1832)
  • Dale, Cockerill & Co. (ca.1832-1837)


  • 19 Chancery Lane, opposite the Six Clerks Office (1783-January 1786)
  • 132 Oxford Street, opposite Hanover Square (January 1786- early 1791)
  • 19 Cornhill, and 132 Oxford Street, opposite (or facing) Hanover Square (or, the corner of HolIes Street, also given as 29 HolIes Street, Oxford Street) (early 1791-ca.1802)
  • 19 Cornhill, 132 Oxford Street (or, the corner of HolIes Street, Oxford Street), and 151 New Bond Street, opposite Clifford Street (ca.1802-1805; as Joseph Dale & Son, or Joseph & William Dale ca.1805-1809)
  • 19 Cornhill, opposite the Royal Exchange, the corner of HolIes Street, Oxford Street, and 151 New Bond Street (ca.1809-1810, as Joseph Dale)
  • 25 Cornhill (ca.1817-1819)
  • 10 Cornhill (ca.1819-1821)
  • 8 Poultry (William Dale, ca.1809-1823)
  • 19 Poultry (William Dale ca.1823-1827; Elspeth Dale ca.1827-1832; Dale, Cockerill & Co. ca.1832-1837; succeeded by George Gange & Co. ca.1837-1843 and in turn by John Alvey Turner)

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