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London-based publishing house founded in by musician Joseph Dale before 1778. About 1783 he bought up the stock and took over the premises of S. Babb in Oxford Street. In 1791 he opened another branch (the warehouse) at 19 Cornhill, opposite the Royal Exchange. His son William joined the firm before 1806 - from 1812 the two had separate addresses.

Imprints, Addresses, Agencies


  • J. Dale (c.1778-c.1821)
  • Dale's Warehouse (1791-c.1821)
  • Joseph Dale & Son, at their Warehouses
  • Jos. Dale & Son, Piano Forte Makers (by Appointment) to His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, & Music Sellers to the Royal Family, No.19, Cornhill, the corner of Holles Street, Oxford Street, & No.151, New Bond Street
  • Joseph & William Dale (c.1809)
  • William Dale (1812-1828)
  • E. Dale (1828-c.1835)


  • 19, Chancery Lane (c.1778-c.1783)
  • 132, Oxford Street (c.1783-before 1800)
  • 19, Cornhill (1791-c.1818) (Dale's Warehouse)
  • 29, Holles Street, Oxford Street / Corner of Holles Street, Oxford Street (before 1800-after 1808)
  • 151, New Bond Street (1803-after 1808)
  • 25, Cornhill (c.1819)
  • 8, Poultry (William Dale) (1812-c.1825)
  • 19, Poultry (William Dale, later E. Dale) (c.1825-after 1835)

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