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Janet et Cotelle cover ca. 1827
Cotelle cover ca. 1854



Founded in 1810 by Pierre-Honoré Janet (d.1832) and Alexandre Cotelle (1786-1858). Janet learned the publishing trade via apprenticeship with his father Pierre-Etienne Janet (1746–1830) and his purchase of the music section his father's firm formed the basis of the new enterprise. Important catalogues absorbed by Janet et Cotelle include those of Imbault (1812), Décombe (1821), Boieldieu Jeune (1824), and Ozi et Cie. (1825). The firm operated as Janet et Cotelle until Janet's death in 1832 and for a short time thereafter, possibly until bankruptcy in 1836. Approximately 2500 titles were in the catalogue by this time, including important early editions of chamber music by Boccherini (93 quintets, 52 trios), Beethoven (trios, quartets, quintets) and Haydn (quartets).

Cotelle continued the business under his own name soon after the bankruptcy and was again in operation by 1838, though the emphasis shifted to parlor music and popular arrangements. After Cotelle's passing (1858), the enterprise continued in operation at various Paris addresses until the bulk of the catalogue was finally absorbed by Enoch Frères & Costallat in 1891.

Imprints, Addresses, Agencies


  • Janet et Cotelle (1810-1836)
  • A. Cotelle (1836 or 1839?-1858)
  • A. Cotelle & Cie. (1858-1890)


  • 123 and 125 rue St Honoré (1812-1836) - publishing office
  • 140 rue St Honoré (1838-1844) - "in 1838 he had moved his main premises to 140 rue St Honoré (with various subsidiary addresses in the boulevard Montmartre)"
  • 137 rue St Honoré (1844-1855)
  • 3 rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau (1855-1868)
  • 51 rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau (1868-1883)
  • 17 rue Orléans St-Honoré (1883-1887)
  • 22 rue des Bons-Enfants (1887-1891)

  • 17 rue Neuve des Petits-Champs (1810-ca.1824) - retail shop
  • 92 rue de Richelieu (1824-1836)

Plate Numbers

Janet et Cotelle

Plate Composer Work Year
35 Berbiguier Flute Quartet No.1, Op.86 1827
0993 Berbiguier Flute Concerto No.5 (parts) 1817
992 Viotti String Quartet in G minor, W 2a.1
1030 Berbiguier Méthode pour la flûte 1818
1087 Viotti Violin Concerto No.19 in G minor 1819
1092 Viotti String Quartet in E minor, W 2a.2
1352 Rossini La Gazza Ladra (selection of airs arr. flute & piano by J. Latour) 1822
1357 Latour, J. Introduction et rondo sur la Polacca de Rossini, Op.41 1822
1398 Viotti Violin Concerto No.29 in E minor 1824

A. Cotelle

Plate Prefix: A.C.

Plate Composer Work Year
569 Viotti Violin Concerto No.1 in C major
571 Viotti Violin Concerto No.3 in A major
574 Viotti Violin Concerto No.6 in E major
580 Viotti Violin Concerto No.12 in B-flat major
582 Viotti Violin Concerto No.14 in A minor
585 Viotti Violin Concerto No.17 in D minor
595 Viotti Violin Concerto No.27 in C major
1237 Pilati Guirlande de fleurs 1855
1899 Croisez Les deux pigeons 1875
1910 Barbot La vera napoletana, Op.110 1876
1911 Barbot Illustrations des Puritains de Bellini, Op.111 1876
1912 Barbot Illustrations de Don Juan de Mozart, Op.112 1876
1913 Barbot Illustrations de Freyschütz de Weber, Op.113 1876
1914 Barbot Illustrations de La flûte enchantée de Mozart, Op.114 1876
1918 Battmann Malborough, Op.387 1876
1919 Battmann Le roi Dagobert, Op.388 1876
1920 Battmann Frère Jacques, Op.389 1876
1921 Battmann Fantaisie brillante sur 'La dame blanche', Op.390 1876
1938–40 Battmann Les petites amies 1879
1941–43 Battmann Les petites sœurs 1879

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