Julius Bauer

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This firm published domestic music in Braunschweig from 1873 into the 20th century. Typical composers were: for piano Fr. Lange, Giese, Fr. Schuberth; for voice: Franz Abt, Albrecht Blumenstengel, August Schulz (better known as an editor for Litolff); for violin Jean Delphin Alard, Wilhelm Maria Puchtler, Gottfried Herrmann, (Theoret.-prakt. Elementar-Violinschule, 1879; Erholungsstunden des Violinspielers.(6 vols, 1880, 1897)).

Julius Bauer competed with Litolff in the same city, but Litolff was a German giant, as big as the famous houses in Leipzig, Berlin, and Hamburg, publishing about 150 items per year compared with Bauer's 40. (figures for 1880 from HMB) Bauer's special points were that it published fewer classics and more domestic works by local composers.


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  • Julius Bauer


  • Braunschweig, Neustr. 11

Plate Numbers

  • Bauer's plate numbers appear in the following format: #### or J. #### B. Dates in italics are estimated.
Plate Composer Work Year
1218-1220 Abt 4 Lieder, Op.478 (Nos.1-3) 1875
1228 Abt 4 Lieder, Op.478 (No.4) 1875
1329 Deprosse 2 Album-Blaetter 1877
1331 Metzdorff Portraits de quelques musiciens illustres, Op.33 (No.2) 1877
1332 Fehland Abenddämmerung 1877
1333 Partzsch Menuett, Op.66 1877
1397-1398 Puchtler Zigeunerweisen, Op.29 1879

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