Leader and Cock



The Leader & Cock firm was established by Fredrick Leader and James Lamborn Cock. Leader had his own business at 63, New Bond Street from 1842, and was joined by Cock in 1843; the two continued their work together until 1862.

Leader & Cock published music from a wide variety of genres including large quantities of piano music, songs, and part-songs. Many contemporary British composers were represented in their catalogue, including Bennett, Parish, Alvers, John Barnett, William Callcott, Michael Costa, W.H. Cummings, W.G. Cusins, W.H. Holmes, John Hullah, Walter Macfarren, Arthur Sullivan, John Thomas, and Thomas Wingham. Leader & Cock also published music by foreign composers, including Beethoven, Clementi, Dussek, Haydn, and Mozart.

In 1862 Lamborn Cock split with Leader, operating as Lamborn Cock, Hutchings & Co.

Imprints, Agencies, Addresses


  • Leader & Cock (1843-1862)


  • 63 New Bond Street (1843-1862)
  • 61 Brook Street (1853-1862)
  • 62 New Bond Street (1860-1862)

Plate numbers

Plate Composer Work Year
L. C. 16 Mozart Idomeneo
L. & C. 893 Loder Persian March from 'Noureddin' 1849
L. C. 1811 Bennett Preludes and lessons, op.33 1853
L. & C. 2354 Bennett Fantaisie, Op.16 1856

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