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Leo Feist (1869-1930)
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Leo Feist (1869-1930) published popular music in New York from 1897. He was famous for his highly aggressive marketing, with lavish rewards for successful sales managers. The firm rapidly grew in the Tin-Pan Alley era, opening branch offices in nearly every major American city, and by 1920, Leo Feist, Inc. had become one of the largest music publishers in the world.

The firm's greatest hit was My Blue Heaven (Walter Donaldson and George A. Whiting) of 1928 which sold over 5 million copies. However, with the depression of 1929, and Feist's death the following year, the firm saw some decline. By late 1935 the movie studio Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, bought a controlling interest in the company.

It was one of seven defendants named in a famous 1920 antitrust suit brought by the US Justice Department for controlling 80 percent of the music publishing business. The main offices of all seven named firms were located in New York City.

Consolidated Music Corporation
Irving Berlin, Inc.
Leo Feist, Inc.
T.B. Harms & Francis, Day & Hunter, Inc.
Shapiro, Bernstein & Co., Inc.
Waterson, Berlin & Snyder, Inc.
M. Witmark & Sons, Inc.


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  • Leo Feist, Inc.


New York
  • 134 W 37th St. (1904)
  • 231 W 40th St. (1920)

Plate Numbers

Plate Composer Work Year
3272 Donaldson At the Old Plantation Ball 1915
3682 Ager China, We Owe a Lot to You 1917
3882 Ager France, We Have Not Forgotten You 1918
3915 Ager Everything is Peaches down in Georgia 1918
4138 Various Anything is Nice if it Comes from Dixieland 1919
4228 Meyer Goodbye, Wild Women, Goodbye! 1919
4314 Various Freckles 1919
4452 Ager It's the Smart Little Feller Who Stocked up His Cellar 1920
4561 Ager I'm in Heaven When I'm in My Mother's Arms 1920
5892 Donaldson It made You Happy when You made Me Cry 1926
5895 Donaldson Just a Bird's-eye View 1926
5960 Donaldson Just the Same 1927
7211 Various I'm Nobody's Baby 1921/40

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