List of Compositions for String Quintet

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Two Violins, Two Violas, Violoncello (Viola Quintet)

Beethoven, Ludwig van

Brahms, Johannes

Bruckner, Anton

Cissell, Luke

Donizetti, Gaetano

Gade, Niels

Gernsheim, Friedrich

Ghébart, Giuseppe

Koessler, Hans

Mascia, Giuseppe

Mendelssohn, Felix

Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus

Nachman, Rabbi

Neukomm, Sigismund von

Onslow, Georges

Rheinberger, Josef Gabriel

Stanford, Charles Villiers

Svendsen, Johan

Taneyev, Sergey

Two Violins, Viola, Two Violoncellos (Cello Quintet)

Bazzini, Antonio

Beethoven, Ludwig van

Boccherini, Luigi

Brahms, Johannes

Cherubini, Luigi

D'Ambrosio, Alfredo

Dessoff, Felix Otto

Dobrzyński, Ignacy Feliks

Dotzauer, Friedrich

Gade, Niels

Glazunov, Alexander

Goldmark, Karl

Gouvy, Louis

Malichevsky, Witold

Mascia, Giuseppe

Molbe, Heinrich

Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus

Neukomm, Sigismund

Reber, Napoléon Henri

Reissiger, Carl Gottlieb

Schubert, Franz

Schuberth, Carl

Smyth, Ethel Mary

Sommer, Wilibald

Taneyev, Sergey

Weber, Joseph Miroslav

Violin, Two Violas and Two Cellos

Wranitzky, Paul

Two violins, viola, cello, double bass

  • Liszt, Franz - Angelus (from Années de pèlerinage III), arranged for String Quintet or String Orchestra, S.362a

Other Combinations