List of collections containing the Genevan Psalter melodies

For collections containing all or a large majority of the tunes of the Genevan Psalter. Unless otherwise stated, these works contain melodies for the 150 psalms. Collections with significantly fewer of the Genevan melodies are given in italics



- Pseaumes de David (1560 edition of early Genevan Psalter)

Homophonic Tenor-led

- 150 Pseaumes de David, 1564 (some psalms with melody in soprano. Page also includes German translation by Lobwasser, and Latin translation by Speth)
- Transponiertes Psalmen-Buch - collection by Johann Ulrich Sultzberger, with Goudimel's harmonizations reduced to tenor and bass only.
- Die Psalmen Davids - collection by Johann Caspar Bachofen, with Goudimel's harmonizations reduced to tenor and continuo only.
- Les pseaumes de David à quatre parties (a 1774 French language edition; seems to be based on the Goudimel harmonizations, with some revisions, possible substitutions of other composers' harmonizations)
- Les 150 Pseaumes de David (some psalms with melody in soprano. Page also includes German translation by Lobwasser, and Dutch translation by Datheen)
- Ils psalms da David (1733 Romansh language edition)
- Les 150 pseaumes de David (some settings are more elaborate/polyphonic. Page currently missing Dessus partbook)
- 50 Pseaulmes de David

Homophonic Soprano-led

- Der gantz Psalter (German-language, Lobwasser translation)
- Die Psalmen Davids (German-language, Lobwasser translation. Some rhythmic revisions)
- Les Psaumes de David tout en musique (3-part harmony, French language, extensive rhythmic revisions)


- 150 Pseaumes de David, 1568
- Psalms (selections from both the 1564 and 1568 harmonizations)
- 150 Pseaumes de David à 3 parties
- 150 Pseaumes de David
- Chansons spirituelles et psaumes polyphoniques (includes some of the Genevan melodies)
- Pseaumes de David, Livre 1
- Pseaumes de David, Livre 2
- Pseaumes de David, Livre 3
- Pseaumes de David, Livre 4
- Werken - contains the psalms as above, as well as keyboard settings as preludes.
- 21 Vier-Stimmige Psalmen


- Psaumes pour orgue, CH-Bu F IX 47-48 - elaborate settings, presumably for solo keyboard.
- Psalmodia Davidis - simple 2-part version (following Goudimel) for 2 voices and/or keyboard (texts not included)
- Zions Harpffen-Lieder - simple melody and continuo settings for accompanying singing in unison or harmony.
- Neu-aufgesetztes Psalm- und Choral-Buch - later collection includes settings with more melodic variation (passing notes etc.)
- Harmonischer Lieder-Schatz - a large collection of chorales, with a section for the 150 psalm tunes. Similar to Müller above. Rhythms altered.
- De 150 Psalmen Davids - decorated settings for accompanying the Dutch isorhythmic style of unison psalm-singing.
- De Muzicale Zangwyzen van het Boek der Psalmen - plain settings for 1 or 2 voices and continuo; includes ornamented examples with interludes.
- De Zangwyzen van de Psalmen en Gezangen - plain settings for 3 voices or keyboard
- Werken voor orgel en clavecimbel - includes several preludic solo keyboard settings of the Genevan melodies.
- Tabulatuur-boeck van psalmen en fantasyen - includes elaborate solo keyboard settings of 10 Genevan melodies.
- De Melodieën der Psalmen en Lof- en Bedezangen - plain isometric settings with preludes, interludes and postludes


- Pieté royalle, les 150 pseaumes de David - elaborate settings for solo lute


- Der Fluyten Lust-Hof - includes several Genevan psalm settings with elaborate variations, for solo recorder or treble instrument.

Voice and Lute

- 21 Pseaumes de David

Related Works

- Deutliche Anleitung zum gründlichen Singen der Psalmen
- 3 Preludes on Melodies from the Genevan Psalter
- 124 Organ Preludes for the Genevan Psalter, Op.138
- Clément Marot et le Psautier Huguenot
- Summa Passionis
- Fantasie und Fuge über die Melodie des 66ten Psalms, Op.62
- 3 Festival Choruses, Op.36a (2. Turn Back, O Man. Andante maestoso (G major))
- 10 Hymn Preludes Set II (6. Prelude on "Old 124th")