List of works by Mikhail Glinka

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2 Hands

4 Hands


  • Abschiedslied for the Pupils of the Jekatarinsky Institute for Soprano, Choir, & Orchestra (1840)
  • Abschiedslied for the Society for Daughters for Women's Choir & Orchestra (1850)
  • Air to the Piece Gold & Dutch of Bachturin for Choir (1836)
  • Angel Song in C major for 6 Voices (1837)
  • Cantata in Memory of Alexander I [Пролог или кантата : на кончину императора Александра I и восшествие на престол императора Николая I] for Solo Tenor, Mixed Chorus and Piano (1826)
  • First Litanei for 4 Voices (1856)
  • Our God is Great, Polonaise for Choir & Orchestra (1837)
  • Prayer for Hard Times in Life, for Vocalist, Choir, & Orchestra after Lermontov (1855)
  • Sogna chi Crede more d'esser Felice, for Vocalists & Orchestra (1826)
  • Tarantella for Speaker, Choir, & Orchestra (1840-41)
  • The Zopf, Gypsy Song for Vocalist, Choir, & Orchestra after Rimsky-Korsakov (1854)