List of works by Aleksandr Glazunov

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Original Works

The following information is given for each work, where available:

  • Op. — opus numbers; works without opus numbers appear at the end of the list, in alphabetical order of their English titles
  • Title — these are usually translated into English, with Russian (Cyrillic) following in parentheses
  • Forces — the instrumentation used (see IMSLP:Abbreviations for Instruments)
  • Key — the principal key of the work.
  • Date — year(s) of composition, where known.
  • Genre — works are grouped in the following broad categories: Stage, Vocal, Orchestral, Chamber and Keyboard.
  • Notes — other important notes concerning the work.
Opus Title Forces Key Date Genre Notes
Op.001 String Quartet No.1 2vn va vc D major 1882 Chamber
Op.002 Suite on the Name 'Sascha':
  1. Introduction
  2. Prelude
  3. Scherzo
  4. Nocturne
  5. Valse
pf 1883 Keyboard
Op.003 Overture No.1 on Three Greek Themes orch G minor 1882 Orchestral
Op.004 Romances (5):
  1. To Your Snow-White Bosom [К груди твоей белоснежнной]
  2. The Nightingale [Соловей]
  3. When I Look Into Your Eyes [Когда гляжу тебе в глаза]
  4. Arab Melody [Арабская мелодия]
  5. Spanish Song [Испанская песня]
v pf 1882–85 Vocal
Op.005 Symphony No.1 («Славянская») ("Slavonic") orch E major 1881–82, rev. 1885, 1929 Orchestral
Op.006 Overture No.2 on Greek Themes orch D major 1883 Orchestral
Op.007 Serenade No.1 orch A major 1883 Orchestral
Op.008 To the Memory of a Hero (Памяти героя), elegy orch 1885 Orchestral
Op.009 Suite caractéristique:
  1. Introduction et Danse rustique
  2. Intermezzo scherzando
  3. Carnaval
  4. Pastorale
  5. Danse orientale
  6. Élégie
  7. Cortège
orch D major 1884–87 Orchestral
Op.010 String Quartet No.2 2vn va vc F major 1884 Chamber
Op.011 Serenade No.2 orch F major 1884 Orchestral
Op.012 Poème lyrique (Andantino) orch D major 1884–87 Orchestral
Op.013 Stenka Razin (Стенька Разин), symphonic poem orch B minor 1885 Orchestral
Op.014 Pieces (2) orch 1886–87 Orchestral No.2 arr. from Rêverie orientale (1886)
Op.015 Novelettes (5):
  1. Alla spagnola
  2. Orientale
  3. Interludium in modo antico
  4. Valse
  5. All' Ungherese
2vn va vc 1886 Chamber
Op.016 Symphony No.2 ("A la memoire de François Liszt") orch F minor 1886 Orchestral also arr. for pf4h (1886)
Op.017 Elegie vc pf D major 1887 Chamber
Op.018 Mazurka orch G major 1888 Orchestral
Op.019 The Forest (Лес), fantasy orch C minor 1887 Orchestral
Op.020 Morceaux (2):
  1. Mélodie
  2. Sérénade espagnole
vc orch 1887–88 Orchestral
Op.021 Wedding Procession (Свадебное шествие) orch E major 1889 Orchestral
Op.022 Morceaux (2):
  1. Barcarolle
  2. Novelette
pf 1889 Keyboard
Op.023 Waltzes on the Name 'Sabela' pf 1890 Keyboard
Op.024 Rêverie hn pf D major 1890 Chamber
Op.025 Prélude et mazurkas (2):
  1. Prelude. Andante mosso
  2. Mazurka. Allegro moderato
  3. Mazurka. Allegro vivace
pf 1888 Keyboard
Op.026 String Quartet No.3 («Славянский»)( "Slavonic") 2vn va vc G major 1886–88 Chamber Finale arr. for orch as Op.26a
Op.026a Slavonic Festival (Славянский праздник), symphonic sketch orch G major  ? Orchestral Based on the finale of Op.26
Op.027 Romances (2):
  1. Oriental Romance [Восточный романс]
  2. Song [Песня]
v pf 1887–90 Vocal Words by Aleksandr Pushkin. Arr. for v orch as Op.27bis
Op.027bis Mélodies (2)
  1. Oriental Romance [Восточный романс]
  2. Song [Песня]
v orch  ? Vocal Arr. from Op.27
Op.028 La mer (Море) orch E major 1889 Orchestral
Op.029 Rhapsodie orientale (Восточная рапсодия) orch G major 1889 Orchestral
Op.030 The Kremlin (Кремль), symphonic picture orch 1890 Orchestral
Op.031 EtudesÉtudes (3):
  1. Allegro
  2. Allegro
  3. Night [Ночь]. Allegro quasi Andantino
pf 1891 Keyboard
Op.032 Meditation (Размышление) vn pf D major 1891 Chamber
Op.033 Symphony No.3 orch D major 1890 Orchestral
Op.034 Spring (Весна), musical picture orch D major 1891 Orchestral
Op.035 Suite 2vn va vc C major 1887–91 Chamber
Op.036 Petite valse (Маленький вальс) pf D major 1892 Keyboard
Op.037 Nocturne pf D major 1889 Keyboard
Op.038 In modo religioso hn tpt 2tbn 1892 Chamber
Op.039 String Quintet 2vn va 2vc A major 1891–92 Chamber
Op.040 Triumphal March (Торжественный марш) (ch) orch E major 1892 Vocal For opening of the 1893 Columbia International Exhibition in Chicago
Op.041 Grande valse de concert pf E major 1893 Keyboard
Op.042 Miniatures (Миниатюры) (3):
  1. Pastorale
  2. Polka
  3. Valse
pf 1893 Keyboard
Op.043 Valse de salon (Салонный вальс) pf C major 1893 Keyboard
Op.044 Elégie (Элегия) va pf G minor 1893 Chamber
Op.045 Carnaval (Карнавал), overture orch F major 1892 Orchestral org part ad lib
Op.046 Chopiniana [Les Sylphides (Шопениана)], suite:
  1. Polonaise
  2. Nocturne
  3. Mazurka
  4. Tarantelle
orch 1893 Orchestral Based on piano pieces Opp.40, 15, 50 and 43 by Frédéric Chopin
Op.047 Concert Waltz No.1 orch D major 1893 Orchestral
Op.048 Symphony No.4 orch E major 1893 Orchestral
Op.049 Morceaux (3):
  1. Prelude
  2. Capriccio-Impromptu
  3. Gavotte
pf 1894 Keyboard
Op.050 Cortège solennel (Торжественное шествие) orch D major 1894 Orchestral
Op.051 Concert Waltz No.2 orch F major 1894 Orchestral
Op.052 Scènes de ballet (Балетная сюита):
  1. Préambule
  2. Marionnettes
  3. Mazurka
  4. Scherzino
  5. Pas d’action
  6. Danse orientale
  7. Valse
  8. Polonaise
orch A major 1894 Orchestral
Op.053 From Darkness to Light (От мрака ко свету) orch 1894 Orchestral
Op.054 Impromptus (2):
  1. Impromptu in D major
  2. Impromptu in A major
pf D major
A major
1895 Keyboard
Op.055 Symphony No.5 orch B major 1895 Orchestral
Op.056 Coronation Cantata (Коронационная кантата) 4vv ch orch 1896 Vocal
Op.057 Raymonda (Раймонд), ballet in 3 acts 1896–97 Stage Also arr. for by the composer and Aleksandr Winkler (1898). Extracts arranged as Op.57a. See also Op.68
Op.057a Raymonda (Раймонда), suite from the ballet orch 1898 Orchestral Extracted from the ballet, Op.57
Op.058 Symphony No.6 orch C minor 1896 Orchestral
Op.059 Romances (6):
  1. The Muse (Муза)
  2. From Petrarca ("We Used to Live at the Foot of a Hill") (Из Петрарки: «Мы жили у подножия холмов»)
  3. From Petrarca ("When Your Eyes") (Из Петрарки: «Когда твои глаза»)
  4. If You Want to Love (Если хочешь любить)
  5. Delia (Делия)
  6. All the Sky is Silver (Всё серебряное небо)
v pf 1898 Vocal Words by Aleksandr Pushkin (Nos. 1, 5); Apollon Korinfsky, after Francesco Petrarca (Nos. 2, 3); Apollon Korinfsky (No. 4); Apollon Maykov (No. 6)
Op.060 Romances (6):
  1. Drinking Song (Застольная песня)
  2. Desire (Желание)
  3. Nereid (Нереида)
  4. Dream (Сновидение)
  5. My Life is Still Before Me (Жизнь ещё передо мною)
  6. Near the Land Where Golden Venice Reigns (Близ мест, где царствует Венеция златая)
v pf 1897–98 Vocal Words by Aleksandr Pushkin (Nos. 1–4), Apollon Maykov (No. 5)
Op.061 Ruses d'amour (Барышня-служанка), ballet in 1 act 1898 Stage Libretto by Marius Petipa
Op.062 Prélude et fugue pf D minor 1899 Keyboard
Op.063 Festive Cantata vv fch 2pf8h 1898 Vocal For the 100th anniversary of the Pavlovsk Institute
Op.064 String Quartet No.4 2vn va vc A minor 1894 Chamber
Op.065 Memorial Cantata vv ch orch 1899 Vocal For the centenary of the birth of Aleksandr Pushkin
Op.066 Hymn to Pushkin fch (+pf) 1899 Vocal
Op.067 The Seasons (Времена года), ballet in 1 act 1900 Stage Libretto by Marius Petipa
Op.068 Pas de caractère orch G major 1899 Stage Additional number for Op.57
Op.069 Intermezzo romantico orch D major 1900 Orchestral
Op.070 String Quartet No.5 2vn va vc D minor 1898 Chamber
Op.071 Chant du ménestrel vc orch 1900 Orchestral
Op.072 Thème et variations on a Finnish Folk Song pf F minor 1900 Keyboard
Op.073 Ouverture solennelle orch 1900 Orchestral
Op.074 Piano Sonata No.1 pf B minor 1901 Keyboard
Op.075 Piano Sonata No.2 pf E minor 1901 Keyboard
Op.076 Marche sur un thème russe orch E major 1901 Orchestral
Op.077 Symphony No.7 ("Pastoral") («Пасторальная») orch F major 1902–03 Orchestral
Op.078 Ballade orch F major 1902 Orchestral
Op.079 From the Middle Ages (Из средних веков), suite:
  1. Prelude [Прелюдия]
  2. Scherzo [Скерцо]
  3. The Troubadour’s Serenade [Серенада трубадура]
  4. Finale. The Crusaders [Финал. Крестоносцы]
orch E major 1902 Orchestral Also arr. for pf4h (1903)
Op.080 Chant sans bornes (Эх ты, песня) sop alt pf 1904 Vocal
Op.081 Fortune-Telling and Dancing (Гадание и пляска), scène dansante orch A major 1904 Orchestral
Op.082 Violin Concerto vn orch A minor 1904 Orchestral
Op.083 Symphony No.8 orch E major 1905 Orchestral
Op.084 Song of Destiny (Песнь судьбы), dramatic overture orch D minor 1908 Orchestral
Op.085 Preludes (2)
  1. À la memoire de V Stassoff
  2. À la memoire de N Rimsky-Korsakov
orch 1906–08 Orchestral
Op.086 Russian Fantasy A major 1906 Chamber For balalaika ensemble
Op.087 In Memory of Gogol (Памяти Н. Гоголя), symphonic prologue orch C major 1909 Orchestral
Op.088 Finnsh Fantasy orch C major 1909 Orchestral
Op.089 Finnish Sketches orch E major 1912 Orchestral
Op.090 Introduction et la Danse de Salomée orch 1908 Stage For Oscar Wilde's drama Salomé
Op.091 Cortège solennel orch B major 1910 Orchestral
Op.092 Piano Concerto No.1 pf orch F minor 1910–11 Orchestral
Op.093 Prélude et fugue org D major 1906–07 Keyboard
Op.094 Love (Любовь), chorus ch 1907 Vocal
Op.095 The King of the Jews (Царь Юдейский) orch 1913 Stage Music to K. K. Romanov's drama
Op.096 Paraphrase on the Anthems of the Allied Nations orch 1914–15 Orchestral
Op.097 Theme and Variations str (or 2vn va vc) G minor 1895 Orchestral For string quartet or string orchestra
Op.097 (Belaieff) Song of the Volga Boatmen («Эй ухнем») mch orch 1905 Vocal
Op.098 Prélude et fugue org D minor 1914 Keyboard
Op.099 Karelian Legend orch A minor 1916 Orchestral
Op.100 Piano Concerto No.2 pf orch B major 1917 Orchestral
Op.100A/B Mazurka-oberek vn pf 1917 Chamber Also arr. for vn orch (1917)
Op.101 Préludes et fugues (4)
  1. Prelude and Fugue (A minor)
  2. Prelude and Fugue (C minor)
  3. Prelude and Fugue (C minor)
  4. Prelude and Fugue (C major)
pf 1918–23 Keyboard
Op.102 Romance de Nina v orch 1916 Stage For Mikhail Lermontov's play Masquerade (Маскарад)
Op.103 Idylle pf F major 1926 Keyboard
Op.104 Fantaisie 2pf F minor 1920 Keyboard
Op.105 Elegy in Memory of M. P. Beliaeff 2vn va vc D minor 1928 Chamber
Op.106 String Quartet No.6 2vn va vc B major 1920–21 Chamber
Op.107 String Quartet No.7 ("Hommage au passé") 2vn va vc C major 1930 Chamber
Op.108 Concerto ballata vc orch C major 1931 Orchestral
Op.109 Saxophone Quartet 4sax B major 1932 Chamber
Op.109 Saxophone Concerto sax str E major 1934 Orchestral
Op.110 Fantaisie in G minor org G minor 1934–35 Keyboard
Rêverie orientale cl 2vn va vc 1886 Chamber arr. for pf as Op.14/2
Small Gavotte pf C major 1900 Keyboard
String Quartet on the Theme 'B-la-F' 2vn va vc 1886 Chamber Contribution (Finale) for a collaborative work with Aleksandr Borodin, Anatoly Lyadov and Nikolay Rimsky-Korsakov
Variations on a Russian Theme 2vn va vc G major 1899 Chamber Contribution to a collaborative work with 9 other Russian composers
Les Vendredis (Пятницы) 2vn va vc 1898–99 Chamber Composed with Aleksandr Borodin and others
A Toast (Здравица) ch 1903 Vocal
Album Leaf tpt pf D major 1899 Chamber
Allegro vivo orch E major 1895 Orchestral Revised for string orchestra (1917).
Arab Melody vc pf  ? Chamber
Cantata in Memory of M. Antokolsky 1903 Vocal Composed with Anatoly Lyadov
Cantata in Memory of M. D. Skobelev ch orch 1914 Vocal
Do I Hear your Voice?, romance v pf 1891 Vocal Words by Aleksandr Pushkin
Down By Mother Volga (Вниз по матушке по Волге) ch 1921 Vocal Arr. of Russian folksong
Duets (10) 2cl/(cl pf)  ? Chamber For 2 clarinets or clarinet and other instruments
Eastern Dance orch 1911 Orchestral
Fanfares (Славление), for Nikolay Rimsky-Korsakov's jubilee br perc 1890 Chamber Composed with Anatoly Lyadov
Fanfares (Фанфары) ww perc 1889 Orchestral For the silver jubilee of Nikolay Rimsky-Korsakov. Composed with César Cui
Fantaisie 2pf 1929–30 Keyboard
Fantaisie org 1934–35 Keyboard
Festive Procession orch G major 1907 Orchestral
For Restful Death I Cry (Зову я смерт), song v pf  ? Vocal Words by William Shakespeare
From Hafiz ("Don't Be Lured by Warlike Glory") (Из Гафиза: «Не пленяя бранной славой»), romance v pf 1888 Vocal Words by Aleksandr Pushkin
Gagliarde and Mazurka pf F minor 1900 Keyboard
Idylle hn str 1884 Orchestral
Improvisations (4) pf 1896 Keyboard Contribution to a collaborative work by Sergey Taneyev, Sergei Rachmaninoff and Anton Arensky
Joke (Шутка), quadrille pf4h 1890 Keyboard Composed with Anatoly Lyadov and others
Les chanteurs de Noël 2vn va vc F major 1888 Chamber Contribution to a collaborative string quartet Jour de Fête
Madrigal 2pf A major 1895 Keyboard
March of the Devil orch B major 1889 Orchestral
Masha is Told Not to Cross the River (Не велят Маше за реченьку ходит) ch orch 1916 Vocal Arr. of folksong
Minuet pf  ? Keyboard Composed with Anton Arensky and others
Miniature pf C major 1883 Keyboard
Movements (2), for string quartet 2vn va vc 1898–99 Chamber
My Songs are Venomous (Песни мои ядовтиы), song v pf  ? Vocal Words by Nikolay Dobrolyubov
Nameday (Именины), essays 2vn va vc 1887–88 Chamber Composed with Anatoly Lyadov and Nikolay Rimsky-Korsakov
Oriental Suite orch 1895 Orchestral
Petite suite de ballet orch 1910 Orchestral
Pieces (5) 2vn va vc 1879–81 Chamber
Poème épique orch 1933–34 Orchestral
Poems-Improvisations (2):
  1. Andante mosso
  2. Tempo agitato e rubato—Andantino quasi allegretto
pf G minor
E minor
1917–18 Keyboard
Prelude-Cantata for the 50th anniversary of the St. Petersburg Conservatory ch orch 1912 Vocal
Preludio e Fuga pf E minor 1926 Keyboard Also arr. for org (1929)
Procession dedicated to V.V. Stasov v pf 1883 Vocal
Procession pf4h D major 1907 Keyboard For the birthday of Nikolay Rimsky-Korsakov
Proud Song 1892 Vocal
Serenade No.2 hn str 1884 Orchestral
Spanish Romance (Испанский романс) v pf  ? Vocal Words by Aleksandr Pushkin
Stifling (Душно! Бех счастья и воли), song v pf  ? Vocal Words by Nikolay Nekrasov
Symphony No.9 orch D major 1910 Orchestral 1st movement only (incomplete)
The Belle (Красавица), romance v pf 1888–90? Vocal Words by Aleksandr Pushkin
The Elected of the Russian People, song/hymn mch orch 1906 Vocal Words by Nikolay Sokolov
Valse lente orch F major 1901 Orchestral
Valse miniature pf G minor 1893 Keyboard
Variation on a Russian Theme pf 1899 Keyboard Var. 8 (Finale. Alla polacca). Composed with Anatoly Lyadov and others
Variations str G minor 1917 Chamber Based on the Variations for string quartet (1895)
Variations on a Russian Theme pf 1901 Keyboard
Whenever I Hear Your Voice (Слышу ли голос твой), song v pf  ? Vocal Words by Mikhail Lermontov