List of works by Aleksandr Kuznetsov

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Opus Number

  • Op.1.
  • Op.2.
  • Op.3 - Caprice, for cello and piano. St. Petersburg: Buttner / Leipzig: Rahter
  • Op.4 - Au berceau [У колыбели], for cello and piano (also arr. for 4 cellos by author) St. Petersburg: Buttner/Leipzig: Rahter
  • Op.5 - Un récit, for cello and piano. St. Petersburg: Buttner/Leipzig: Rahter
  • Op.6 - Valse [Вальс на тему "Почему я безумно люблю"], for piano [1916]
  • Op.7. Idylle, for cello and piano. St. Petersburg: Buttner/Hamburg: Rahter, 1888.
  • Op.8.
  • Op.9 - Songs, for voice and piano
  1. [Горними тихо летела душа небесами] (Tolstoy)
  2. [Острою секирой ранена берёза] (Tolstoy)
  • Op.10 - Lied (Le Regret [Жалоба]), Melodie for Cello and Piano. St. Petersburg: Buttner/Leipzig: Rahter, 1888.
  • Op.11
  • Op.12 - Romance Sans Paroles, for cello and piano; Leipzig Rahter
  • Op.13 - Andantino, for 4 cellos. Jurgenson, 1890. (Possibly became the 2nd movement of the first suite)
  • Op.13 - Suite No.1, for 4 Cellos. Jurgenson, 1893.
  1. Allegro
  2. Andantino
  3. Intermezzo
  4. Scherzo
  5. Allegro con brio
  • Op.14
  • Op.15
  • Op.16
  • Op.17 - String Quartet
  • Op.18 - Tears of People [Слёзы людские] (Tyutchev), romance for voice, cello (or violin) and piano; Moscow, 1899
  • Op.19 - Spring Waters [Весенние воды] (Tyutchev), romance for voice, cello (or violin) and piano. Ded. to A. N. Markovich; Moscow, 1892 (or 1896, or 1899)
  • Op.20 - Song(s), for voice, cello and piano 1900
  • Op.21
  • Op.22 - Suite No.2 (in 5 movements), for 4 Cellos; Leipzig, C.G. Röder, 1896
  • Op.23
  • Op.24
  • Op.25
  • Op.26
  • Op.27
  • Op.28 - Suite No.3, for 4 Cellos
  1. Andante
  2. Vivo
  3. Andantino
  4. Largo-Andante-Moderato

Without Opus Number

  • 6 Pieces for Cello (including Opp.3, 4, 5, 7, 10, 12?)
  • 6 Romances (including Opp.9, 18, 19, 20?)
  • Овсяный кисель, cantata
  • 3 Lyrical Scenes after Pushkin's Angelo [3 лирические сцены на сюжет Пушкина "Анджело"]
  • Adagio from Suite for Orchestra, arr. for Piano 4 hands by Nikolay Tivolsky, pub. 1890
  • Poetry [Поэзия], romance for voice and piano (Tyutchev) (Op. 18 or 19?), pub. 1900
  • Willow, Why Forever Bending [Что ты клонишь над водами] (Tyutchev), for voice, cello and piano (Op. 18 or 19?); St. Petersburg, 1896
  • Svadebnaya [Свадебная], manuscript score for Russian folk orchestra (7 parts, incomplete), with incomplete set of complete parts. Arr. by W. Kasura.


  • Tchaikovsky - None but the Lonely Heart [Нет, только тот, кто знал], Op.6 No.6 for cello and piano (P. Jurgenson)
  • Tchaikovsky - I Bless You, Forests [Благославляю вас, леса], Op.47 No.5 for cello and piano (P. Jurgenson)
  • Tchaikovsky - Night [Ночь], Op.60 No.9 for cello and piano (P. Jurgenson)