List of works by Charles N. Allen

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Ambox notice.pngWorks are for violin and piano unless otherwise specified.



Works with Opus Number

  • Op.1 - Mazurka de concert in G minor (Boston: Arthur P. Schmidt, 1884). Dedicated to his pupils.
  • Op.2 - Chanson (Boston: Arthur P. Schmidt).
  • Op.3 -Mazurka hongroise (Boston: Arthur P. Schmidt).
  • Op.4 - Valse lento e grazioso (Boston: Arthur P. Schmidt).
  • Op.5 - Souvenir de Strasbourg. Marche (Boston: Arthur P. Schmidt).
  • Op.6 - Romance in D major (Boston: Arthur P. Schmidt, 1890). Dedicated to Claude Fisher.
  • Op.7 - 2 Pieces (Boston: Arthur P. Schmidt, 1890).
  1. Introduction et polonaise (D major)
  2. Barcarolle et tarentelle. Dedicated to Mary C. Brookings.
  • Op.8 - Mazurka No.2 in D major (Boston: Arthur P. Schmidt, 1890).
  • Op.9 - Berceuse in G major (Boston: Arthur P. Schmidt, 1890). Dedicated to Alvah Crocker.
  • Op.10 - Introduction et gavotte (Boston: Arthur P. Schmidt, 1891).
  • Op.11 - 6 Morceaux pour petits doigts (Boston: Arthur P. Schmidt, 1891).
  1. Valse
  2. Marche
  3. Pastorale
  4. Air
  5. Scherzino
  6. Mazurka
  • Op.12 - Rêverie et polonaise de concert (Boston: Arthur P. Schmidt, 1892).
  • Op.13 - Étude-caprice in G major (Boston: Arthur P. Schmidt, 1893). Dedicated to C.M. Podgorski
  • Op.14 - Ballade in D major (Boston: Arthur P. Schmidt, 1894).
  • Op.15 - Menuet in D major (Boston: Arthur P. Schmidt, 1894).
  • Op.16 - Les plaisirs d'enfants. Suite en 5 morceaux (Boston: Arthur P. Schmidt, 1895).
  • Op.17 - Petit boléro in G major (Boston: Arthur P. Schmidt, 1895).
  • Op.18 - Andante et allegro caractéristique in D minor (Boston: Arthur P. Schmidt, 1895). Dedicated to Grace G. Whitmore.
  • Op.19 - Sarabande et bourrée (Boston: Arthur P. Schmidt, 1895).
  • Op.20 - Valse joyeuse (Boston: Arthur P. Schmidt, 1898).
  • Op.21 - Staccato-étude de concert for violin and piano (or violin) (Boston: Arthur P. Schmidt, 1899).
  • Op.22 - Scène pittoresque. Introduction et valse for 4 violins (Boston: Arthur P. Schmidt, 1899).
  • Op.23 - Danse espagnole (Boston: Arthur P. Schmidt, 1900).
  • Op.24 - Fête champêtre. Marche et polonaise for 4 violins (Boston: Boston Music Co., 1900).
  • Op.25 - Méditation in G major (Boston: Arthur P. Schmidt, 1902).
  • Op.26 - Allegro moderato in D major for 2 violins and piano (Boston: Arthur P. Schmidt, 1902).
  • Op.27 - Easy Study in Syncopation (Boston: Arthur P. Schmidt, 1902).
  • Op.28 - Doushka. Alla mazurka (Boston: Arthur P. Schmidt, 1902).

Works without Opus Number

  • Les valses des Champs-Élysées, for piano (pub. ca.1855).
  • The Elizabeth Polka, for piano.