List of works by Charles Villiers Stanford

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Works with Opus Number

  • Op.1 - 8 Songs from The Spanish Gypsy (Novello). Composed probably 1872–75. First performances 1877–86; published in groups 1873–78.
  • Op.2 - Piano Suite (Courante, Sarabande, Gigue et Gavotte) (Chappell). First performance 1875; published ca.1876.
  • Op.3 - Toccata (Chappell). First performance 1875.
  • Op.4 - 6 Songs (Augener).
  • Op.5 - The Resurrection for tenor, mixed chorus (satb), orchestra and organ (Chappell, 1881). First performance 1875.
  • Op.6 - Queen Mary, incidental Music to Tennyson's play (Augener). First performance 1876.
  • Op.7 - 6 Songs of Heinrich Heine (Augener).
  • Op.8 - God is Our Hope and Strength, The Forty-Sixth Psalm for soprano, alto, tenor, baritone, bass, chorus, and orchestra (Novello). First performance 1877.
  • Op.9 - Cello Sonata No.1 in A major (Bote und Bock, 1879).
  • Op.10 - Morning, Evening and Communion Service in B-flat major for soprano, alto, tenor, bass, chorus, and orchestra (Novello). First performance 1879.
  • Op.11 - Violin Sonata No.1 in D major (Ries).
  • Op.12 - Morning, Evening and Communion Service in A major (Novello, 1895).
  • Op.13 - 3 Intermezzi for Clarinet and Piano (Novello).
  • Op.14 - 6 English Songs (Boosey).
  • Op.15 - Piano Quartet No.1 in F major (Bote und Bock).
  • Op.16 - Motet Awake My Heart for chorus and organ (Boosey, 1881?).
  • Op.17 - Serenade in G major for orchestra (Boosey). First performance 1882.
  • Op.18 - Cavalier Songs for chorus (Boosey).
  • Op.19 - 6 English Songs (Boosey).
  • Op.20 - Piano Sonata in D major (premiered 1884-2-4, unpublished as of 1921).
  • Op.21 - Elegiac Ode for chorus (Boosey). First performance 1884.
  • Op.22 - Oratorio The Three Holy Children (Boosey). First performance 1885.
  • Op.23 - Incidental Music to Aeschylus' The Eumenides (Stainer and Bell). First performance 1885.
  • Op.24 - The Revenge, A Ballad of the Fleet for chorus and orchestra (Novello). First performance 1886.
  • Op.25 - Piano Quintet in D minor (Novello). First performance 1887.
  • Op.26 - Carmen Saeculare for soprano, chorus, and orchestra (Novello). Composed for Her Majesty's Jubilee. Published ca.1887; first performance 1887.
  • Op.27 - O Praise the Lord of Heaven, The One Hundred and Fiftieth Psalm Praise Ye the Lord (Forsyth).
  • Op.28 - Symphony No.3 'The Irish' in F minor (Novello). Composed 1886–87 ; first performance 1887.
  • Op.29 - Oedipus Rex, Incidental Music to the play by Sophocles (Stainer and Bell). First performance 1887.
  • Op.30 - A Child's Garland of Songs (Curwen).
  • Op.31 - Symphony No.4 in F major (Novello). First performance 1889.
  • Op.32 - Suite in D major for Violin and Orchestra (Novello, 1889). First performance 1889.
  • Op.33 - 6 Part Songs.
  • Op.34 - The Voyage of Maeldune for soprano, alto, tenor, bass, chorus, and orchestra (Novello). Published, first performance 1889.
  • Op.35 - Piano Trio No.1 in E-flat major (Novello). Composed 1889.
  • Op.36 - Service in F major (Novello).
  • Op.37 - 2 Anthems (Novello).
No.1: And I saw another Angel
No.2: If thou shalt confess
  • Op.38 - Concert-Overture Queen of the Seas (Not published by 1921).
  • Op.38 - 3 Motets.
  • Op.39 - Cello Sonata No.2 in D minor (Simrock).
  • Op.40 - Eden, Dramatic Oratorio for two sopranos, alto, tenor, baritone, bass, chorus, and orchesta (Novello). First performance 1891.
  • Op.41 - The Battle of the Baltic for chorus and orchestra (Novello). First performance 1891.
  • Op.42 - 6 Piano Pieces (unpublished as of 1921).
  • Op.43 - 3 Songs of Robert Bridges (1893) (Augener).
No.1: Since thou, o fondest and truest
No.2: I praise the tender flower
No.3: Say, o say! saith the music
No.1: Soft, soft wind
No.2: Sing heigh ho
No.3: Airly Beacon
No.4: The Knight's tomb
No.1: To his flocks
No.2: Corydon, arise!
No.3: Diaphenia
No.4: Sweet love for me
No.5: Damon's Passion
No.6: Phoebe
  • Op.50 - The Bard for chorus (Boosey). First performance 1895.
  • Op.51 - Identical to 3 Motets Op38?
  • Op.52 - East to West for chorus and orchestra (Novello). First performance 1893.
  • Op.53 - 6 Elizabethan Pastorals for chorus, 2nd set (1894) (Novello).
No.1: On a hill there grows a flower
No.2: Like desert woods
No.3: Praised be Diana
No.4: Cupid and Rosalind
No.5: O shady vales
No.6: The Shepherd Doron's jig
  • Op.54 - 6 Irish Fantasies for Violin and Piano (1893) (published 1900 by Boosey). Consisting of:
No.1: Caoine (A Lament)
No.2: Boat-Song
No.3: Jig
No.4: War Song
No.5: Hush Song
No.6: Reel
  • Op.55 - Incidental music to Lorenza (opera unpublished as of 1921).
  • Op.56 - Symphony No.5 in D major L'Allegro ed il Pensieroso (Stainer and Bell, published (©) 1923. First performance 1895.
  • Op.57 - Fantasia and Toccata in D minor for Organ (composed 1894, rev. 1917. Stainer and Bell).
  • Op.58 - 10 Dances (Old and New) for Piano (Boosey). Five were orchestrated and published as A Suite of Ancient Dances (©1895).
No.1: Sarabande
No.2: Gigue
No.3: Branle
No.4: Minuet
No.5: Passepied
No.6: Valse
No.7: Galop
No.8: Morris Dance
No.9: Polka
No.10: Mazurka
  • Op.59 - Piano Concerto No.1 in G major (1894, finished 1894-10-18) (unpublished as of 1921). First performance 1895-5-27. Autograph full score at the British Library.
  • Op.60 - Moore's Irish Dances Restored, edited and arranged for voice and piano (Boosey).
  • Op.61 - Shamus O'Brien, comic opera (Boosey). 1895, First performance 1896.
  • Op.62 - Phaudrig Crohoore for chorus and orchestra (Boosey). First performance 1896.
  • Op.63 - Requiem (Boosey). First performance 1897.
  • Op.64 - String Quartet No.3 in D minor (Augener).
  • Op.65 - The Clown's Songs from Shakespeare's Twelth Night for voice and piano (Boosey).
  • Op.66 - Te Deum for soli, chorus and orchestra (Boosey/Breitkopf). First performance and publication 1898.
  • Op.67 - 6 Elizabethan Pastorals for chorus, 3rd set (Boosey).
No.1: A Carol for Christmas (Sweet music, sweeter far)
No.2: The Shepherd's Anthem
No.3: Shall we go dance?
No.4: Love in Prayers
No.5: Of Disdainful Daphne
No.6: Love's Fire
  • Op.68 - A Cycle of Songs from The Princess of Tennyson for quartet of solo voices (SATB) with Piano accompt. (Boosey).
No.1: As thro' the Land
No.2: Sweet and low
No.3: The splendour falls
No.4: Tears, idle tears
No.5: O Swallow, Swallow
No.6: Thy voice is heard
No.7: Home they brought her warrior dead
No.8: Our enemies have fall'n
No.9: Ask me no more
No.1: March Jig
No.2: Slow Dance
No.3: The Leprechaun's Dance
No.4: Reel
  • Op.80 - Clarinet Concerto (published in 1977).
  • Op.81 - Morning, Communion and Evening Services (Stainer and Bell).
  • Op.82 - 5 Sonnets from The Triumph of Love (Boosey).
  • Op.83 - The Lord of Might for chorus and orchestra (Boosey).
  • Op.84 - Irish Rhapsody No.2 in F minor The Lament of the Son of Ossian (unpublished as of 1921).
  • Op.85 - String Quintet No.1 in F major (Stainer and Bell).
  • Op.86 - String Quintet No.2 in C minor (unpublished as of 1921).
  • Op.87 - ?
  • Op.88 - 6 Preludes for Organ (Stainer and Bell).
  • Op.89 - 4 Irish Dances for Orchestra (Stainer and Bell). Orchestration of Op.79.
  • Op.90 - Overture in the style of a Tragedy (unpublished as of 1921).
  • Op.91 - Songs of the Sea for baritone, chorus ad.lib., and orchestra (Boosey).
  • Op.92 - 3 Rhapsodies, Dante for piano (Houghton/Breitkopf, 1905. Pub. later by Stainer and Bell).
  • Op.93 - 5 Characteristic Pieces for violin and piano (composed ca.1905) (Boosey). Consisting of the following:
No.1: Cavatina and Scherzo
No.2: Capriccio
No.3: In a Gondola
No.4: Arabesque
No.5: L'Envoi
  • Op.94 - Symphony No.6 in E-flat major In Honour of a Great Artist, G. F. Watts (given limited publication in 2003 but otherwise unpublished).
  • Op.95 - Serenade in F major for strings and winds (composed 1906, published in 1994).
  • Op.96 - Stabat Mater (Boosey).
  • Op.97 - Songs of Faith for voice and piano (Boosey). Two sets (6 songs total):
Set 1: Tennyson
Set 2: Walt Whitman
  • Op.98 - Evening Service on Gregorian Tunes (Stainer and Bell).
  • Op.99 - String Quartet No.4 in G minor (premiered 1906; published in 2015).
  • Op.100 - Ode to Wellington for soprano, baritone, chorus, and orchestra (Boosey). First performance 1908.
  • Op.101 - 6 Short Preludes and Postludes - Set 1 for organ (Stainer and Bell).
  • Op.102 - Incidental Music to Binyon's Attila the Hun (unpublished as of 1921).
  • Op.103 - Fantasia and Fugue in D major for organ (Stainer and Bell, 1907).
  • Op.104 - String Quartet No.5 in B-flat major In Memoriam, Joseph Joachim (Stainer and Bell).
  • Op.105 - 6 Short Preludes and Postludes - Set 2 for organ (Stainer and Bell).
  • Op.106 - 4 Part-Songs for Male Voices TTBB (Stainer and Bell).
No.1: Autumn Leaves
No.2: Love's Folly
No.3: To his flocks
No.4: Fair Phyllis
  • Op.107 - A Welcome Song for chorus (Boosey, 1908).
  • Op.108 - Installation March for military band (Stainer and Bell). Composed in 1893. Also for organ.
  • Op.109 - 3 Military Marches for orchestra (unpublished as of 1921).
  • Op.110 - 4 Part-Songs for SATB (also for SSAA) (Stainer and Bell).
No.1: Valentine's Day
No.2: Dirge
No.3: The Fairies
No.4: Heraclitus
  • Op.111 - 3 Part-Songs for SATB (Curwen, 1908).
No.1: A Lover's Ditty
No.2: The Praise of Spring
No.3: The Patient Lover
  • Op.112 - 4 Songs for voice and piano (Stainer and Bell). Consisting of the following:
No.1: The City Child
No.2: The Silence
No.3: Spring
No.4: The Vision
  • Op.113 - Bible Songs for voice and organ with chorales ad.lib. (Stainer and Bell). Consisting of the following:
No.1: A Song of Freedom
No.2: A Song of Trust
No.3: A Song of Hope
No.4: A Song of Peace
No.5: A Song of Battle
No.6: A Song of Wisdom
  • Op.114 - Choral Overture Ave Atque Vale for chorus and orchestra (Stainer and Bell).
  • Op.115 - Service in C major (Stainer and Bell).
  • Op.116 - Te Deum Laudamus and Canzona for organ (Schirmer).
  • Op.117 - Songs of the Fleet for baritone, chorus, and orchestra (Stainer and Bell).
  • Op.118 - An Irish Song Cycle Cushendall for voice and orchestra (Stainer and Bell).
  • Op.119 - 8 Part-Songs for SATB (words by Mary Coleridge) (Stainer and Bell).
No.1: The Witch
No.2: Farewell, my Joy
No.3: The Blue Bird
No.4: The Train
No.5: The Inkbottle
No.6: The Swallow
No.7: Chillingham
No.8: My heart in Thine
  • Op.120 - Anthem for Harvest Come, Ye Thankful People, Come, and Choral Hymns (Stainer and Bell).
  • Op.121 - Idyll and Fantasia for organ (Schirmer).
  • Op.122 - String Quartet No.6 in A minor (completed 1910 August, first performed December 1st, 1910, unpublished as of 2016).
  • Op.123 - Choral Anthem for Easter Ye Choirs of New Jerusalem (Stainer and Bell).
  • Op.124 - Symphony No.7 in D minor (Stainer and Bell/Arthur P. Schmidt, 1912).
  • Op.125 - 4 Songs for voice and piano (Stainer and Bell). Consisting of the following:
No.1: John Kelly
No.2: The Song of Asia
No.3: Phoebe
No.4: The Song of the Spirit of the Hour
  • Op.126 - Piano Concerto No.2 in C minor (Stainer and Bell). First performance 1915.
  • Op.127 - 8 Part-Songs for SATB words by Mary Coleridge) (Stainer and Bell).
No.1: Plighted
No.2: Veneta
No.3: When Mary thro' the garden went
No.4: The Haven
No.5: The Guest
No.6: Larghetto
No.7: Wilderspin
No.8: To a Tree
  • Op.128 - Festal Communion Service in B-flat major for voices and orchestra (Stainer and Bell).
  • Op.129 - Clarinet Sonata (Stainer and Bell). Also arranged for viola.
  • Op.130 - Incidental Music to 'Drake' (composed 1912, unpublished as of 1921).
  • Op.131 - Fairy Day 3 Idylls for female chorus and small orchestra (Stainer and Bell).
  • Op.132 - 6 Characteristic Pieces for piano (Stainer and Bell). Consisting of the following:
No.1: In Modo Dorico
No.2: Romance in B-flat major
No.3: Study
No.4: Roundel
No.5: Romance in A-flat major
No.6: Toccata
  • Op.133 - Piano Quartet No.2 (unpublished as of 1921).
  • Op.134 - Anthem Blessed City, Heavenly Salem (Stainer and Bell).
  • Op.135 - 3 Motets (Stainer and Bell). Consisting of the following:
No.1: Ye Holy Angels
No.2: Eternal Father
No.3: Powerful God
  • Op.136 - 5 Capriccios for piano (Stainer and Bell). In C minor, D minor, G major, E-flat major, and A-flat major (Temp di valse).
  • Op.137 - Irish Rhapsody No.3 for cello and orchestra (unpublished).
  • Op.138 - 6 Songs for 2 voices and piano (Curwen, 1914).
No.1: A Welcome Song
No.2: To Music (To Becalm his Fever)
No.3: Autumn (A Dirge)
No.4: The Chase
No.5: Meg Merrilies
No.6: Oh, Sweet Content
  • Op.139 - A Cycle of Irish Songs A Fire of Turf for voice and piano (Stainer and Bell). Consisting of the following:
No.1: A Fire of Turf
No.2: The Chapel on the Hill
No.3: Cowslip Time
No.4: Scared
No.5: Blackberry Time
No.6: The Fair
No.7: The West Wind
No.1: Grandeur
No.2: Thief of the World
No.3: A Soft Day
No.4: Litter Peter Morrissey
No.5: The Bold Unbiddable Child
No.6: Irish Skies
  • Op.141 - Irish Rhapsody No.4 in A major for orchestra Fisherman of Loch Neagh (Stainer and Bell, 1914).
  • Op.142 - An Eight-Part Ode Time (Stainer and Bell).
  • Op.143 - Thanksgiving Hymn for chorus (Stainer and Bell).
  • Op.144 - The Critic, or An Opera Rehearsed, opera after Sheridan (Boosey). First performance 1916.
  • Op.145 - Anthem For Lo I Raise Up.

published 1939).

  • Op.146 - The Travelling Companion, opera by Newbolt after Hans Christian Anderson (Stainer and Bell).
  • Op.147 - Irish Rhapsody No.5 for orchestra (1917. unpublished as of 1921).
  • Op.148 - Night Thoughts for piano (Joseph Williams, ca.1917).
  • Op.149 - Organ Sonata No.1 in F major (Augener, ca.1917).
  • Op.150 - Scènes de ballet for piano (Augener). Also arranged for orchestra.
  • Op.151 - Organ Sonata No.2 Eroica (Stainer and Bell, ca.1917). Third movement Verdun 1916 also arranged for orchestra.
  • Op.152 - Organ Sonata No.3 Britannica (Stainer and Bell, ca.1918).
  • Op.153 - Organ Sonata No.4 Celtica (Stainer and Bell, ca.1920).
  • Op.154 - 6 Irish Sketches for violin and piano (Boosey).
  • Op.155 - 6 Sketches (6 Easy Pieces) for violin and piano (Joseph Williams).
  • Op.156 - 10 Part-Songs (unpublished as of 1921).
  • Op.157 - 8 Songs of a Roving Celt (Enoch).
  • Op.158 - Piano Trio No.3 in A major Per aspera ad astra (Augener, 1918).
  • Op.159 - Organ Sonata No.5 Quasi una fantasia (Augener, 1921).
  • Op.160 - Ballata and Ballabile for cello and orchestra (unpublished as of 1921). First performance 1919.
  • Op.161 - Irish Concertino for violin, cello, and orchestra (unpublished as of 1921).
  • Op.162 - Violin Concerto No.2 in G minor (1918, violin/piano score only, unpublished as of 1921, orchestrated by Jeremy Dibble and premiered in 2012).
  • Op.163 - Preludes for piano, Nos.1-24, 1st-3rd Series (Swan & Co./Watson and Wilcock, 1919).
  • Op.164 - Magnificat in B-flat major for unaccompanied double choir (Boosey, 1919). Written in memory of Hubert Parry.
  • Op.165 - 2 Sonatas for Violin Solo with Piano Accompaniment (unpublished as of 1921). Violin Sonata No.3 (?).
  • Op.166 - String Quartet No.7 in C minor (unpublished as of 1921).
  • Op.167 - String Quartet No.8 in E minor (unpublished as of 1921).
  • Op.168 - A Song of Agincourt for orchestra (unpublished as of 1921).
  • Op.169 - Mass in D minor for chorus a capella (unpublished as of 1921).
  • Op.170 - Ballade in G minor for piano (Ascherberg, Hopwood and Crew, ca.1920).
  • Op.171 - Piano Concerto No.3 (unpublished as of 1921, orchestrated by Geoffrey Bush).
  • Op.172 - Merlin and the Gleam for baritone, chorus, and orchestra (Stainer and Bell, 1920).
  • Op.173 - Mass via victrix (1919) (Boosey).
  • Op.174 - 6 Songs from The Glen of Antrim (Boosey).
  • Op.175 - 6 Songs (Cramer).
  • Op.176 - unaccompanied Mass (unpublished as of 1921).
  • Op.177 - At the Abbey Gate for baritone, chorus, and orchestra (Boosey).
  • Op.178 - 3 Waltzes for piano in A minor, D minor, & F major (Swan & Co., 1923).
  • Op.179 - Preludes for piano, Nos.25-48, 4th-7th Series (Swan & Co./Watson and Wilcock, 1921).
  • Op.180 - Variations for violin and orchestra (composed 1921).
  • Op.181 - Concert Piece for Organ and Orchestra.
  • Op.182 - 6 Occasional Preludes for organ (Stainer & Bell, 1930).
  • Op.183 - 5 Bagatelles for Violin in Waltz Form (for violin and piano) (composed 1917).
  • Op.184 - 3 Nocturnes for piano.
  • Op.185 - ?
  • Op.186 - ?
  • Op.187 - Fantasia upon the Hymn Tune 'Intercessor' for organ (Fantasia upon a Tune by Charles Hubert Parry, composed 1922, published by Stainer & Bell 1922.).
  • Op.188 - ?
  • Op.189 - 4 Intermezzi for organ. (Novello, 1923). Including Intermezzo on Londonderry Air.
  • Op.191 - Irish Rhapsody No.6 for violin and orchestra (Finished 1922-9-17 (Ms. Mus. 897). Reduced score published by Boosey in 1923).
  • Op.192 - 3 Anthems for 8 voices (Novello, 1923).
  • Op.193 - 3 Preludes and Fugues for organ (Novello, 1923).
  • Op.194 - 3 Idylls for organ (Stainer & Bell, 1930).

Works without Opus Number


Orchestra and Concertante Works

  • Symphony No.1 in B-flat major (composed 1876, performed March 8 1879 Crystal Palace, unpublished as of 1921).
  • Symphony No.2 in D minor Elegiac (unpublished as of 1921). First performance 1882.
  • Piano Concerto (No.0, composed 1874, unpublished?).
  • Violin Concerto (composed 1875, unpublished?).
  • Cello Concerto in D minor (composed 1879-80, published in 2012 by A-R Editions).
  • Funeral March The Martyrdom
  • Concert Overture (composed 1870).
  • Festival Overture (composed 1877).
  • Queen of the Seas Overture (composed 1888 for the Armada tercentenary).
  • Rondo for cello and orchestra (composed 1869 July to August, dedicated to Wilhelm Elsner. Unpublished as of 2014?).
  • Incidental music to The Spanish Student.

Miscellaneous Works

  • Songs of Old Ireland, 50 songs for voice and piano (Boosey).
  • 30 Irish Songs and Ballads for voice and piano, words by Alfred Percival Graves (Novello).
  • Blarney Ballads for voice and piano, words by C. L. Graves (Novello).
  • The Flag of the Union (Novello).
  • For Ever Mine (Novello).
  • How Beauteous are Their Feet (Novello, 1923).
  • Irish Eyes, Ould Doctor Mack, A Valentine (A.D.1560), We Wander by the Waves (Chappell).
  • Autumn Leaves, part-song for TTBB (Stainer and Bell).
  • Love's Folly, part-song for TTBB (Stainer and Bell).
  • Worship, part-song (Novello, published in the Souvenir Song Book).
  • Christmas Carol, part-song (Novello).
  • As with Gladness, part-son (Novello).
  • Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis in A major for choir and orchestra (Novello).
  • Full anthem for Eastertide If Ye then be Risen (Boosey).
  • Ode to Discord for chorus and orchestra (composed 1908, Boosey).
  • Anthem The Lord is My Shepherd (composed 1886, Novello).
  • Unison Service in D major (Oxford U.P., 1923).
  • Benedictus qui venit and Agnus Dei in F major (Stainer & Bell, 1909).
  • Magnificat and Nunc dimittis in E-flat major (1873, published 1996).
  • Magnificat and Nunc dimittis in F major Queen's Service (1872, published 1995).
  • Magnificat and Nunc dimittis on the 2nd and 3rd Gregorian Modes (1907).
  • St Patrick's Breastplate for chorus, organ, brass, and drums (Stainer & Bell, 1913).
  • The Blue Bird words by Mary Coleridge (song).
  • Pater Noster (composed 1874).
  • Legend for violin and piano (composed 1893).
  • Fantasy No.1 in G minor for clarinet and string quartet (composed 1921).
  • Fantasy No.2 in F major for clarinet and string quartet (composed 1922).
  • Phantasy in A minor for horn and string quartet (composed 1922).
  • Jesu Dulcis Memoriae Prelude for organ (composed 1879).
  • 8 Chorale Preludes for organ.
  • Chorale Prelude on 'Why Does Azure Deck the Sky?' after Parry (Deane & Sons, 1924).
  • 4 Intermezzi for organ (unless these are Op.189.)
  • Prelude and Fugue in E minor for organ (Novello, 1875).
  • Quasi una Fantasia for organ (composed 1921).
  • 6 Occasional Preludes for organ (in 2 books).
  • Toccata and Fugue in D minor (composed 1907).
  • The Golden Legend for soloists, chorus, and orchestra (composed 1875).
  • Choric Ode for chorus and orchestra (composed 1907).
  • An Ancient Melody for violin and piano.
  • 6 Irish Dances for violin and piano.
  • 6 Irish Marches for violin and piano.
  • Te Deum Laudamus in B major for chorus and organ (or larger accompaniment?) (3 pages) (with introduction added for the Coronation of 1902, and published by Novello around then. (Can be purchased via or borrowed from a number of libraries...))
  • On Windy Way when morning breaks for SSA and piano ad lib.

Editions, Arrangements, etc.

  • God Save the King for voices and orchestra (Boosey).
  • The National Song Book: A Complete Collection of Folk Songs, Carols, and Rounds , Suggested by the Board of Education for the use of Schools
  • J.S. Bach's St. Matthew's Passion (Stainer and Bell).
  • The Organ Library (Stainer and Bell).
  • Class Singing for Schools (Boosey).

Educational Works for Piano

  • 6 Sketches (Primary) and 6 Sketches (Elementary) (Joseph Williams, ©1918). Elementary set (15815) (or both?) has title "Six sketches in two sets."
  • A Toy Story (Stanford, Charles Villiers), 6 pieces (Stainer and Bell, 1920).
  • 6 Song Tunes (Stainer and Bell).