List of works by Daniel Van Goens

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Works with Opus number

  • Op.1 - 2 Pieces for Cello and Piano (Reverie & Mazourka) (Schlesinger, 1885)
  • Op.2 - Adagio in G for Cello and Piano (Haslinger, 1886)
  • Op.5 - Aria & Gavotte for Cello and Piano (Haslinger, 1887)
  • Op.6 - Nocturne (A. O'Kelly, ca.1888)
  • Op.7 - Cello Concerto No.1 in A minor (Decourcelle, 1899)
2nd Mov Larghetto, separate
  • No.1 - Romance
  • No.2 - Scherzo
  • Op.13 - Gavotte "Irda" for Piano (Cello ad lib.) (Durand, ca.1893?)
  • Op.15 - Deux morceaux : pour violon : avec accompagnement de piano (Hamelle, ca.1895)
  • No.2 - All'ungarese arranged for orchestra also
  • Op.17 - 2 Pieces for Cello and Piano
  • No.1 - Largo
  • No.2 - 2nd Gavotte
  • Op.18 - Polonaise de concert for cello and piano
  • Op.19 - La Brise, barcarolle for cello and piano
  • Op.20 - 2nd Mazurka for Cello and Piano (Durand, ca.1893)
  • Op.21 - Prelude for Violin or Cello and Piano (Durand, ca.1893)
  • Op.22 - Berçeuse for Violin or Cello and Piano (Durand, ca.1893)
  • Op.23 - Valse de Concert for cello and piano
  • Op.24 - Tarentelle No.1 in A minor (pub.1895/6, E. Baudoux)
  • Op.25 - Danse Villageoise (Souvenir de Locronan) for cello and piano
  • Op.26 - Aux Bords du Loing, melodie for cello and piano
  • Op.27 - Feuillet d'album, berceuse for cello and piano (pub. Hamelle, 1900)
  • Op.30 - Cello Concerto No.2 in D minor
  • Op.31 - 3rd Mazurka (ut majeur) for cello and piano (pub. Hamelle, 1900)
  • Op.34 - Cantabile for Cello and Piano (pub.1899)
  • Op.35 - Saltarello for Cello and Piano (pub. D. Rahter, 1899)
  • Op.36 - Invocation for cello and piano
  • Op.38 - Valse Pittoresque, Op.38 for cello and piano
  • Op.39 - 2 Pieces for cello and piano
  • No.1 - Marine
  • No.2 - Menuet
  • Op.44 - Tarentelle No.2 in D (minor?)
  • Op.45 - Chant élégiaque for cello and piano (or organ) (pub. London: Schott, 1904)
  • Op.46 - Berceuse for cello and piano

Works without Opus number

  • Gavotte No.3 for strings in D major (ms. material at the Free Library of Philadelphia)